[NYC - East Village] Hummus Place

My co-worker in Korea and I talked about how great Hummus Place is. So, in honor of her, I went to eat there with my friend.

We bought a Groupon, making already inexpensive food even more inexpensive. With the Groupon, we were able to choose an appetizer, 2 entrees, and 2 wines.
This is a vegetarian restaurant, no meat appears on the menu. Some items have egg, so not all items are vegan-friendly. They do mark menu items with a G if gluten-free and with a V if vegan. So, don't worry about that.

For appetizers, we ordered falafel ($4.50). With one order, you are served 5 falafel balls and they are served with tahini and green sauce. The falafel was lightly fried and not overly greasy.

We ordered the veggie platter with tzatziki sauce ($14) and the eggplant sandwich ($8) and shared. The veggie patties were freshly made and served with rice. The rice was cooked perfectly. The patties were fried, but they were pretty greasy. The tzatziki sauce balance the flavors well.

The eggplant sandwich was great. The eggplant was roasted perfectly and melted in my mouth. I am not a huge fan of hard-boiled eggs, but this was pretty good. This eggplant pita sandwich is very filling. The flavors melded so well.

This was a crazy amount of food. I am actually kind of happy we did not order the hummus platter because we probably would have had to roll home. I am sure next time that I'll have the hummus and experience the Hummus Place's claim to fame.

The pitas were all very fresh and served warm. There was an ample amount of pitas for us.

There are only a few seats in the restaurant, but that adds to the intimate atmosphere.

Location: 109 St. Mark's Place (between Ave A and 1st Ave)
Subway: 1st Ave (L)

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