[NYC - Nolita] Tacombi Nolita - Tacos

If you're in the Nolita area, perhaps pre- or post-SoHo shopping, check out Tacombi for some tacos.

The restaurant is set up like a taqueria. It is a very open dining room, pretty industrial. The thing that catches your eye when you first enter is the VW van.

You also order your drinks at the stand by the door. You cannot order them both at the same place. We had a horchata ($3.95), but it was so-so. Not super great, but refreshing enough.

Ordering here is a little complicated. You actually have to go to the van to order your food. No one will explain the process to you, so I just thought I would warn you.

The food is Mexican...Yucatan-style tacos. The ones we had were so-so. We knew going into it that the tacos would be kind of expensive given the location, but even still we were slightly surprised by the steep price ($3.69 each) given the very small size of the food itself.

We also ordered a breakfast taco (Huevos con Chorizo Taco) ($5.49), but there is no picture because it was not very photogenic. Just looked like a rolled up tortilla. It was also not that big considering the price.

The sauces are good, though. They have four homemade sauces available for dine-in customers to doctor their food as they see fit. I liked the green sauce and the red sauce the best.

You are paying for the atmosphere. I don't think I would go back again. The food was only okay and the service was not that attentive, especially since you have to do all the ordering yourself.

They also do delivery via Seamless if that's your thing and you live in the area. Not sure how it is.

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