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[Seoul - Gangnam] Twosome Place - Tiramisu Bingsu 티라미수빙수

Twosome Place is one of those basic cafes in Korea. There is not very much special about the café in terms of beverages, but they sell pretty good desserts like tarts, etc.

Since I'm a huge fan of bingsu, I usually go there for bingsu...and one bingsu in particular. The tiramisu bingsu.

Twosome Place offers many different types of bingsu for a reasonable price. The tiramisu bingsu, for example, is 10,500KRW (about 10.50USD) for this large serving that has at least 3 servings of tiramisu on top. The tiramisu bingsu has espresso in the shaved ice part...not condensed milk like most other bingsu varieties. They also do not skimp on the espresso shots. Even when the ice melts, you have a relatively strong espresso taste.

I am not sure if it is a good idea to mix the bingsu. I usually stir my bingsu when I first get it to make sure the flavors all combine the way it was intended.

The Twosome Place also sells its own version of Royal Milk Bingsu (9800 KRW). I still prefer the Paris Croissant version, though (read more here).

They also recently released a green grape mojito bingsu (chung po do mojito bingsu). It comes in two sizes. You can get the cup version or the full size version. According to the website, the mojito bingsu features a lime base with green grapes an apple mint jellies. I haven't tried it yet. If you try it, let me know how it is! The small size is 6500 KRW and the large size is 9800 KRW.

You can get a discount if you use your points card. I think I got 10% off, but I can't remember specifically.

There are Twosome Place locations all over Korea.

I will include information about some of the ones I have been to and can think of off hand.

Sinchon - Located across the street from McDonald's.
Hongdae - Outside exit 2
Apgujeong - Inside the CGV


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