[NYC - Chinatown] Best Pork Chop House/Taiwan Pork Chop House - Cheap eats

I had been hearing about the Best Pork Chop House for a while and managed to get there one day with a friend while doing the whole "eat your way through Chinatown" tour. It is pretty popular and is well-known for its pork chops over rice and it's very cheap prices.

Let me start by saying, there are multiple names for this place.
"Best Pork Chop House"
"Excellent Pork Chop House"
"Taiwan Pork Chop House"
And the Chinese name

If you see any of these, you're probably in the right place.

There are many places in NYC that claim to be "the best" at something and I'm pretty sure this is the best pork chop house.

The atmosphere is a little dingy, but it is clean. They do have a clean restroom for customers...always very much welcome in Chinatown.

This is the "Marinated Ground Pork over Rice" ($4). A generous serving of white rice is covered with pickled vegetables and ground pork with spices. This was pretty good. It is just not exactly the most photogenic food on the planet. Trust me, though, this is four dollars well spent and is actually packed with a decent amount of flavor.

The "Pork Chop Over Rice" ($5.25) is the big draw. For a really cheap price, you get a flavorful, tender pork chop served over pickled vegetables, ground pork, and a generous serving of white rice. This is basically the "Marinated Ground Pork Over Rice" described above with a fried pork chop added into the mix.
They also sell Taiwanese desserts and bubble teas, but we were too full from our food tour (more reviews to come soon) that we couldn't add any more food to our bellies. We had actually already consume Taiwanese desserts and bubble tea before our dinner...yay backwards dinner!

Don't eat pork? There are plenty of other menu items to choose from, so do not fret. While we were there, some other tables had shrimp dishes, salt and pepper chicken, and some beef noodle soup.

All menu items are below $10 dollars and most below $7.

If you try something else, comment and let me know how it was!

Location: 3 Doyers Street, Chinatown, Manhattan
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