[Seoul - Cheognyangni] Halmoni Naengmyun - Beyond Spicy Naengmyun

My coworkers and I went to Cheongnyangni Halmoni Naengmyun one day for lunch.

They knew that I super LOVE famous eateries and this was the only one in the area. It has been featured on numerous restaurant shows.

This naengmyun (Korean cold noodles) is the SPICIEST naengmyun I have ever eaten. In fact, it is famous for being pretty much the spiciest naengmyun anyone has ever eaten.

The menu is simple. Only one item. Naengmyun (4,000KRW). You can get extra noodles for an extra 2000KRW or else a larger size for 5000KRW.

Luckily for me, my coworker was super scared of how spicy it was and was freaking out. If she hadn't been so scared, I would have probably just eaten it as is...cuz I can usually eat spicy.I ended up taking off about one-quarter of the red sauce. Good choice.

My other coworker said she can really eat spicy food well and loves spicy food. So, she didn't take off any of the red sauce. She definitely paid for it later. I think she drank about 4 or 5 pitchers of the soup broth.

Oh yeah, instead of serving water, they give you pitchers of the broth. This helps to cool the burning.

Cheongyangni station exit 2. Follow the little street and then cross the street. Turn right and walk past the apartment building. Turn left and you will enter a little sort of market area.

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