[NYC - Morningside Heights] Yasha Ramen

Yasha's Chicken Ramen ($11)
So, I really like ramen. Sometimes, it's too troublesome to get to Totto Ramen in Midtown and I don't really feel like waiting at Jin Ramen in Harlem. I was really excited when I saw that there was a relatively new ramen shop in Morningside.

The prices are pretty reasonable, about 10-13 dollars.
I got the Yasha's Signature Ramen ($9.75) and my friend got the Yasha's Chicken Ramen ($11). We were both pretty satisfied with our choices.
My friend had never had real ramen before, so she was more excited than I.
I thought that the broth was pretty good. It is a chicken-based broth, so it was not overwhelmingly rich or greasy, but it was a little too salty for my liking and was missing something. Some flavor I just cannot put my finger on.

It was served quite hot and service was quick and friendly. They even gave my friend a fork when she asked for one ><.

The noodles were a little strange. They were too soft for my liking and seemed to be much thinner than I am used to in my ramen.

Yasha's Signature Ramen ($9)
I guess a major draw for Yasha is the Yasha's Mega Ramen ($16).  This is a beast of a ramen. You can choose your broth (pork or chicken) and then it is topped with everything. They serve it in a rather large bowl. While we were there, 5 people ordered it. I think it is something for me to attempt to conquer next time.

The pork buns also looked pretty good and were relatively inexpensive (2 for $5).

Bottom line: If you're in the Morningside Heights/Manhattan Valley area near Columbia, you should check out Yasha Ramen for some reasonably-priced ramen with little to no wait.

Location: 940 Amsterdam Ave.

Nearest subway stop: 103rd Street (1), Cathedral Parkway/110 St. (A, B, C)

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