[NYC - NoMad] Atoboy - Michelin Guide Modern Korean Cuisine

Atoboy is a major treat! Atoboy serves modern Korean food and deserves all the accolades it receives.

My colleague recommended this restaurant to me and said she always takes her foodie friends here when they visit. It's also featured in the Michelin Guide.

It is small plates style and your server will definitely explain how to order and how many plates to order depending on your group size. We were recommended to order 3 plates per person and, since there were 3 of us, it meant we chose 9 plates total. You order 1 plate per category and you have the option of adding one of the protein options at the bottom for an additional fee.

The menu changes seasonally, so what I ordered might not be available when you visit.

This is the first course: We chose the salmon, lotus root, and beef tartare.
My favorite was a tie between the lotus root (I love lotus root) and the beef tartare.

This is the beef tartare. I love yukhoe and I wanted to see what an upscale version of it tasted like. The beef was super high quality and basically melted in my mouth. It had slightly more oil than my taste preference, but others in my party enjoyed it. There was a nice acidity from the pineapple.

This is the lotus root. It also features soft tofu underneath the lotus root. It's a very mellow flavor and a wonderful mix of textures.

This is the salmon. This was actually my least favorite choice, but luckily one of the people in my group really enjoyed it and basically ate it all quite quickly. It had ricotta cheese underneath and a slight citrus flavor.

This is the second course. We ordered the sunchoke, corn, and endive.

This is the endive. It is filled with shrimp and jalapeno. It was a nice idea and one of the people in my group really enjoyed it.
This is the sunchoke. It is made with oyster mushrooms, fried sunchoke, and black truffle and a nice, light citrus flavor.
The corn is topped with bacon and has a very mellow doenjjang flavor (fermented soybean paste).

This is the third course. We chose the mackerel, pork belly, and the lamb (I think).

This is the pork belly. It is topped with enoki mushrooms, which are my favorite types of mushrooms. I believe this is typically on the menu, so if you're into pork belly, definitely check it out.
This is the mackerel. I chose this because I love mackerel. I honestly didn't try much of the other options because the other two people were really into their third course choices and weren't so much into fish. This is also available pretty regularly on the menu.
I honestly do not remember what this is. I think it was the lamb, because I remember thinking it was a little interesting to see lamb on a Korean menu. It had a very savory flavor, but, obviously, it wasn't that memorable to me.

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