[NYC - East Village] Tim Ho Wan - Michelin Star Dim Sum

Tim Ho Wan was on my list for a while, but I always passed on visiting because the queue was too long, but one day I was able to snag a seat pretty quickly (this is the location in East Village). I have also visited the Midtown location a couple of times, so if you're in the area, I would recommend going to that location because the wait time is shorter, but the menu is the same and the service is, dare I say, better.

This is the D1 - Sweet Osmanthus with Goji Berries. This is a dessert, but it came out first and was on the table a little while as we were waiting for our other food to arrive. First off, I loved this. I knew I would love it. I also know that most people will, in fact, not enjoy it one bit. It is called "sweet" but it's not really sweet. It's kind of a sour jelly (think slightly harder than Jello in consistency), with a bit of a hint of sweet apple pear in the background. I don't really know how to describe it.

This is R3: Steamed rice with minced beef and pan-fried egg. This was a really hearty and savory dish. It was definitely not what I expected it to look like, though. It tasted like I expected it to, though. It was savory and was quite flavorful (said "yes" to the soy sauce added on top and would probably recommend you do the same to add a little extra flavor dimension). Just to prepare you, the "minced beef" is basically a meat patty with some vegetables and other aromatics in it that is placed over the top of the steamed rice. The perfect bite, in my opinion, is when you go straight down and get a little bit of everything on your spoon.

The more "authentic" bowl might be the pork with preserved vegetables and I may consider trying that sometime even with my issues with pork because I am sure it will be delicious and totally worth it.

This is the pan-fried turnip cake. This is honestly one of my favorite dim sum foods and it's kind of hard to find, in my experience. It's very simple, but it's just so comforting.

This is the steamed rice roll with minced beef. Steamed rice rolls are another one of my favorite dim sum orders. This uses the same minced beef as in the steamed rice bowl above. It's basically the same dish, just in a different form, I suppose.

This is the steamed rice roll with shrimp and Chinese chives. This one was my favorite of the two this meal. It just kind of depends what mood I'm in.

There's also a pork option and I have had it before. It's pretty good. They have an option for everyone.

There's also a picture menu.

As I'm writing, due to COVID-19, the East Village location is not open, but the Midtown location is available for delivery or pickup via DoorDash (click here to get $5 off each of your first 3 orders - personal referral link).

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