[NYC - East Village] Spot Dessert Bar

The Spot Dessert Bar is one of my favorite places to take people (see Friday's post for more info).

This is a seasonal offer. It is so cute. It's shaped like a little ear of corn. It also tastes like sweet corn, which was surprising to me somehow. I think I had half expected it to taste not like corn, I don't know how my brain works. It's really not that sweet, either. It really tastes like the natural sweetness of corn. I believe that, when this is in season, they only make a limited number per day.

This is my favorite - the cookie camp. It is a fluffy cookie (puffy and almost like in between a cake and a cookie), topped with pieces of pretzel, melted dark chocolate, marshmallows, and a healthy portion of ice cream. Since it's so hot, the cookie continues to kind of bake in the cast iron and the edges get nice and caramelized.

This is the Harvest. It is one of the more popular items. Inside the flowerpot, you'll find a cheesecake with cherries and topped with Oreo "dirt." On the side, you have some raspberry sorbet (delish) and rose milk tea (you can water your plant with it!).

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