[NYC - Chinatown] Sweet Moment - Adorable Cream Character Latte Art

Sweet Moment in Manhattan's Chinatown is famous all over the internet (and Instagram, obviously) for its super cute cream latte art and watermelon bingsu.

I've checked it out many times, but haven't ever blogged about it before this week. Tomorrow's post is about the bingsu experience, so make sure you check back tomorrow.

If you're coming for the Instafamous cute latte art, there are only three drinks you can order and we ordered all three to show you. It's not possible to add the character to any other drink.

There is the cream art choco (brown guy), cream art matcha (green guy), and cream art red velvet (red guy). The designs differ depending on the day and who makes your drink. I've never had the same exact character any time I've been there.

The drinks are a little pricey, but you're paying the Instagram premium. They are maybe about the size of a double espresso, I think. I'm kind of out of the market for coffee shops these days because I've been doing most of my coffee drinking at home recently.

I have had just regular coffee and cold brew at Sweet Moment and have thought that they were also good, but I think that I would rather pay the price and get something fancy that I cannot have at home easily if I go out to a coffee shop.

This is the menu from the time I visited, but the price/items may have changed due to change in season, etc.

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