[NYC - Midtown] Totto Ramen - Still one of my favorite ramen spots

Totto Ramen is still my favorite ramen place, but it is because it holds a special place in my heart. I prefer Totto because the broth is chicken based, so I can eat it without any stomach consequences later.

This is the Miso Paitan. it is topped with a soft-boiled egg, scallion, char siu (choice of chicken or pork), and miso. The noodles are wavy shape and there are also bean sprouts. I, personally didn't try this because there was too much pork for my liking, but I was told that it was pretty delicious. The miso paste added a nice dimension of flavor.

I went for the Nibo Paitan. This is the Chicken Paitan (my usual go-to), but there has been fish-flavored sesame oil added to the broth. It is topped with chicken char siu (you can choose pork if that's your thing), bean sprouts, scallions, cabbage, and the spicy seasonings on top. This is a nice break from my usual order, but I may go back to my spicy chicken paitan next time.

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