[NYC - UWS] Sushi Yasaka - Sushi before Lincoln Center

Sushi Yasaka is one of the only sushi places in the Upper West Side. Lincoln Center may be closed, but when it opens again, you will need to know where to eat before a show.

This is the Ebi Shinjo. These are fried minced shrimp balls...they're kind of more like fried minced shrimp donuts in shape. These were very nice and I recommend trying them. They're quite filling and not overly greasy.

As I mentioned in my post last week, I try the Agedashi Tofu at every restaurant. I really liked the Agedashi Tofu at Sushi Yasaka. It may actually be one of my favorites in the city. I 100% recommend trying it here! The textures are perfect. This may actually be a reason to go back to Sushi Yasaka in and of itself.

This is the Tatsuta Karaage. I also try the chicken karaage whenever I see it on the menu. Since they use chicken thigh pieces, the pieces are a lot bigger than the chicken karaage at many other restaurants. If you are sharing between more people, this may complicate matters. For me, this was about middle of the road in terms of Japanese fried chicken I have tried recently. In terms of flavor, I prefer this one.

This is the Sushi Deluxe. This is a great option because you can choose one roll and then you get a  sampling of many of the different types of fish available (9 pieces, to be exact). If available, there will be uni on your plate.

This is the Miyabi plate. It comes with one choice of a roll, 10 pieces of sashimi, 6 pieces of sushi, and then oyster (if available).

The sushi here is highly affordable and is probably the best in the Upper West Side. I have been here multiple times and the experience differs from time to time. Sometimes the fish is 15/10 in terms of quality, but, other times, it's maybe a 7 or 8/10. It's not like I feel like I am going to get sick from the sushi, it's just sometimes it has a very...ocean flavor to it. Again, this isn't an all the time thing, but it has been my personal experience and it doesn't keep me from going back.

I would say that I do enjoy the appetizers and small plates consistently. I also cannot comment on the lunch specials, but the prices are pretty reasonable for the area.

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