[NYC - East Village] PaTea - Bubble Tea. Meet Stubby

I am on a quest to try all of the bubble tea spots in New York City, so I had to add Pa Tea to my list when my colleague mentioned it to me. She said that it is popular among her friends who visit from California.

The claim to fame at Patea is the stubby. This is the hugest bubble tea I have seen in New York City. When I visited, they gave me a free upgrade to stubby size, so maybe they're still running that promotion when you visit. That being said, the prices are quire fair and reasonable for bubble tea in the city. I'm used to getting a small size for about $6 (after taxes), so, when I was able to get this huge size for the same price, I was pretty excited.

The left is the milk black tea with 0% sugar and bubbles and on the right is the mango slush. I am definitely going to be back to try some of the more interesting bubble teas and definitely recommend you check it out for yourself.

Which drink do you want to try the most? (Menu below, just scroll down.)

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