[NYC - UWS] Maison Pickle - OMG The Pull-Apart Bread and the French Dip and the Mac and Cheese

To follow up with the Jacob's post yesterday, here's another Maison Pickle post. This time, I get to introduce you to some of my favorites (and also some crowd favorites).

As you go to Jacob's for biscuit sandwiches, you go to Maison Pickle for French Dip sandwiches and pull-apart bread.
This is the Classic French Dip. There are four different options for French Dip sandwiches, which means there is an option for everyone. The baguette was perfect and fresh. The sandwich is pretty large, but it's not as huge as the biscuit sandwich. We shared every item among 3 people and we left sated (with a takeaway bag holding about 80% of the buffalo chicken mac and cheese). The beef is delicious and very tender.
OH MY GOSH! When I go to Maison Pickle, I have to get the pull apart bread. We went with the regular bread and butter this time. The butter is an herb garlic butter, which is my favorite thing ever (if you want to get a similar butter at home, I definitely recommend the Trader Joe's garlic herb spread). There are ten rolls in the order and they're the softest, fluffiest, butteriest, rolls I've had in a while. They're served fresh from the oven, so you can guess just how great it is.
There are also honey butter, feta and herb, and umami flavor varieties available.
This is the Buffalo Mac and Cheese. You have to get the mac and cheese at Maison Pickle. I've heard that it's also a family favorite, especially if you have children. The pasta shape is more like a ziti here. The flavor is kind of spicy, but since there's a lot of blue cheese dressing, you can kind of cut the spice. It's very slightly less cheesy than the original, but, that being said, I, personally, still can't handle the level of dairy. So, if you're mildly sensitive to dairy, you may want to avoid it slightly or else pack some Lactaid.

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