[NYC - Greenwich Village] Saigon Shack - Pho and Banh Mi CASH ONLY

Finding a nice pho or banh mi is pretty difficult in Manhattan, but, luckily, Saigon Shack exists! I never realized how lucky I was growing up in Minnesota to always be able to find a nice pho. The other nice pho I have found is at Saiguette if you're further north in Manhattan.

Please remember to bring cash! Saigon Shack is cash only!

This is the Grilled Lemongrass Chicken. The baguette is very fresh and crusty. The outside is crispy and crusty, but the inside is fluffy and beautifully soft.

Actually, every component of this sandwich is super duper fresh. I love all of the vegetables. The lemongrass chicken is still quite moist and tender with a nice subtle flavor.

As an aside, I have also had the grilled pork chops and the S.S. Classic sandwich and I can say that those are delicious options, too. For my vegetarian readers, there is a vegetarian option that has seasoned soy protein and no mayo. I assume you can request mayo if you are okay eating it, but as a non-mayo fan, I would kind of think of this as a blessing.

This is the Classic Beef Pho. Pho is such a simple dish in theory, but, in execution, it's so difficult. Luckily, Saigon Shack has got it down. The broth is extremely pleasant and aromatic. It's not too salty, but, rather, has just the right amount of salinity. The broth is extremely rich in flavor, but doesn't punch you in the mouth. Everything in the pho tastes extremely fresh, just as the banh mi does. It doesn't taste heavy, but it is definitely filling, which is definitely the best of both worlds, in my opinion.

You can order delivery on Grubhub (click here for $10 off your first order, personal referral link)!

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