[NYC - Ktown] Pelicana Chicken - Best Korean Fried Chicken in NYC

Continuing this week with another one of my favorites that I always revisit and take friends. Basically, Pelicana is the only place in NYC that has Korean fried chicken like the ones I crave (some of the others are extremely disappointing, but I won't call them out here).

I am reposting some photos from my original posts (here and here and here)

I usually go for the full chicken and get it half-and-half flavor. Basically, I would go all in with my snowing cheese, but I know that others probably want different flavors, too.

I usually get the boneless type because I can't be bothered by biting around the bones, etc. I know that this is sacrilegious for some fried chicken people, but I'm just a lazy eater and I don't like having to touch my food as much as is required to eat bone-in chicken.

The top photo is half snowing cheese (white) and spicy. The bottom photo is half snowing cheese (white) and half garlic. One thing that is inconsistent is the sides...in the top photo, you see no sides, in the bottom photo, you see the pickled radish, and in the last trip I made with my friends, we got cole slaw, which I thought was very weird, personally.

I would like to say that I still choose the white snowing cheese (I like it more than the yellow one) and the original, but that's because I find the other sauced ones to be super saucy. However, if you love sauces, this is a great place to go because the fried breading holds up even with the wet sauce. You still get a great crunch.

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