[Skincare Review] Head-to-Head Test: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair vs. La Mer The Concentrate

 As promised, here is my blog comparing the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair vs. the La Mer The Concentrate.

FTC disclaimer: I was sent both of these items for free in exchange for my full and honest review.

I tried to be as scientific as humanly possible. I had a blinded reviewer (my mom) who was actually unaware I was even doing a skincare test, so her opinion is completely blinded and she tried really hard to give a full and honest review of differences she noticed.

I did this for 2 weeks. In the 14 days before the test, I was testing out the Estee Lauder ANP product in exchange for my review. I had enough product left (and actually received a second sample to test).

My nighttime skincare routine was the same as usual.

1) DHC Cleansing Oil - Buy from YesStyle | Buy from Amazon

2) Micellar Water (for eye makeup)

3) Rosette Cleansing Paste Sea Clay Smooth - Buy From YesStyle | Buy from Amazon

I used my PMD Clean (from CAUSEBOX) to wash my face. I've been loving this device, seriously. My skin tone and texture has been amazing ever since I added it to my routine. You can buy it on Amazon here or else if you sign up right now, you can also receive it in your Fall 2020 Welcome Box (click here for $10 off your first box or else click here to receive a free PMD Microderm tool ($159 value) with your first box - which means you'll get $250+ value just for your $54).

4) Mamonde Rose Water Toner - Buy from Amazon 

5) Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair or La Mer The Concentrate

6) Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Moisture Watery Cream (Pink Jar) - Buy from YesStyle | Buy from Amazon

I put the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair on my left side of my face and the La Mer The Concentrate on the right side of my face. I used the #3 level of my PMD Clean to apply the serums. I concentrated on the left side of my face for 1 minute (30 seconds on the top half and 30 seconds on the bottom half) and then washed the PMD Clean and then did the right side of my face in the same way.

My review:

Day 1 - Each side of my face looked exactly the same. I have been going through a weird breakout due to some environmental changes and probably hormones, to be honest. But, since it was starting to clear up, decided to continue going ahead.

Day 5 - I had the worst breakout in recent time on the right temple. I don't typically break out, so I was a little concerned about this. It's not due to sleeping or anything since I actually sleep on my left side. So, I was kind of concerned that maybe the breakout was due to the Estee Lauder ANP since I used it to determine baseline, but the left side of my face was clear, so maybe something else was going on.

Overall my skin is seeming to be smoother and my overall dull skin is starting to look a little less dull, maybe slightly brighter and maybe also seeing a little bit of difference in the discolored remnants of a breakout from college in my chin.

Day 7 - I definitely have prominent dry patches in the middle of my face, especially in my forehead. The dry patches are definitely wider and there are a few more patches on the right side of my face.

Day 10 - The right side of my face has been breaking out, but it is clearing up now. I have a pimple now on my chin (left side), so maybe my skin just had something it did not like in the environment. I seriously haven't had as many breakouts as I have had in the past month. The left side of my forehead is slightly drier than the right side.

Day 14 - Now, at the end, I feel like maybe the dryness is going away out of my whole face. My breakouts are finally going away, too. Maybe I should try to redo this test when my skin is not upset.

My mom's review (blinded review):

So, as I stated, she did not know I was doing this test or what was on either side of my face. I just asked her to give her review on day 14. 

She reported that the left side (Estee Lauder) looks puffier under the eyes with some patches of dry skin and more of a mottled appearance (aka there are some spots of discoloration). She reported that the right side (La Mer) appears to be less puffy and smoother overall with no breakouts and less discoloration.


I was not able to see much of a difference myself knowing that I had applied La Mer on the right and Estee Lauder on the left. I know that La Mer is known for its herbal scent, but, in my opinion, that is just kind of like a smell that is put in there to try to trick the consumer's mind into thinking they're seeing some results that they are not actually experiencing. That is not to say, however, that the Estee Lauder does not have a scent. Both have kind of a "luxe" scent. So, in this review, I guess I wasn't psychologically "tricked" into thinking either worked due to a scent. 

Based on the results of my experience, I probably would choose the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair over the La Mer. My mom had to REALLY look for differences. Like she got very, very close to my face trying to see any difference. Honestly, I am curious to know what she would think of the La Mer product since she tried the Estee Lauder product. She has a different skin type and her skin is also a bit more mature (since, she's my mom and all). However, I don't have enough product to share with her at the moment in this sample since I am currently doing a test with the La Mer and the Grace and Stella right now (she doesn't know about this test either). 


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