[Stretch] Grace & Stella Hyaluronic Acid Serum Review - First Impression

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First impression: 

Cute box! This is a LOT of product and I got it for virtually free in my Causebox since I already got my money's worth with the purse and the PMD (blog post about my box here). I wonder if this will work?


I got this in my Causebox. Unfortunately, the bottle was slightly damaged in transit somehow. The box and outside wrapper were all intact, so I definitely thought it was user error - the gold nozzle was off when I received it, so I put it on and tried to use it. However, every time I tried to squirt some serum out, a bunch of product squirted out the side instead of out the nozzle part. So, I reached out to Causebox to see if I had put it together incorrectly and they told me that the product was damaged.

So, anyway, that aside, I tried using the product using what had come out the sides of the nozzle and I may put it in a different bottle so that I can actually use the product, but as I am writing that here, I think maybe there may have been a little contamination or something, so I may have to revisit this idea.

I will likely update this section when I receive my replacement to let you know if it fares the journey through shipping better. 

The box was cute and it was wrapped so well, but the bottle inside seemed a little cheap feeling. Like I know that it's only $17, but it just feels a little cheap. I do prefer my serums to be in a dropper form rather than a pump (so far...with this broken pump), but, again, I will update this after I get a bottle with a not broken pump. This also seems like it is a HUGE amount of serum because I only need one pump for my entire face. So, I'm not sure it's even physically possible to finish the whole bottle before the 12 month expiration.

This is a vegan, cruelty free product. This is important to some, but not a huge factor for me.


The serum is light and clear in color. By that I mean, unlike the other serums I have been using recently, the serum is pretty "wet" and comes out clear. So, I also mean that it's a very light serum because it feels very light upon application. It is not sticky at all, just more feeling like a layer of wet. It does dry or seep into my skin quite quickly. But, in terms of my first impression, I kind of feel like maybe it is not going to be very hydrating or as effective.

Thankfully for me, it's unscented. I do not have sensitive skin, but I have a sensitive nose. So, I am not a huge fan of strongly scented products that I put all over my face. I know that some people like it because they feel like the products work better (I get it, it's psychology), but I am not one to think that the scent adds much to the effectiveness.

Next step plan:

So I am interested in testing it for 2 weeks to see what it is like and then I'll redo my "scientific" test. Half of my face will be Grace & Stella and the other half will be Estee Lauder for two weeks. Then, I'll do 2 weeks of Grace & Stella again to reset my skin. Then, I'll do 2 weeks of Grace & Stella on one half of my face and La Mer on the other half.

I think another test I might try is to do half with Grace & Stella and half with The Ordinary's Hyaluronic Acid Serum. Let me know if that sounds interesting to you.

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