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Hello from 2022

Hello from 2022!

I have taken a bit of time away from the blog due to getting a bit more into the whole YouTube hobby and some other things in my professional life.

I did renew my domain name for this year and I fully intend to blog more. Honestly, the pandemic has been tough. My blog was centered around restaurants and travel and let me just say I was doing a whole lot of no eating outside and no travel for 2020 and most of 2021. I think the first time I ate out at a restaurant in 2021 was my birthday, which is mid-June!

Since that time, I've been just working hard at my full-time job, doing a bit of domestic travel for work and a little tiny bit for play. I just need to get back into the swing of things and take time for myself to blog and also do my new hobby of YouTube.

I know full well I'll never make money on YouTube or this blog, so it's just a fun creative outlet for my otherwise boring life.

The hardest part about getting over the mental hurdle of doing the blog is the fact that editing photos takes so long for me. I'm not good at it and I know it, so it's a mental block I face each time.

I've been enjoying vlogging, but, again, editing takes a whole lot of time and I'm not good at it.

But, if you're looking for a bit of additional content, you can check out my Youtube channel:

I am also kind of annoyed that this blog is getting so many bot comments and hits from bots recently. This is what happened when my AdSense account got disabled years ago. I was getting a ton of foreign traffic from what was obviously bots. This took the fun out of the blog because I knew I would never again get my 10 cents per month for producing content and Google has no interest in working with individuals who are looking for a small amount of money as a tip for creating articles. I see the hits on my blogs and I know that some of it comes from people who are actually using my info. 

Anyway, enough griping about big business.

I will be traveling a bit in the rest of the year and hopefully going forward, so I'll try to revive the interest in blogging.

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