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[St. Paul, MN] Parlour St. Paul - Famous burger, fried chicken sandwich, and more

Parlour St. Paul is a great choice before or after a Minnesota Wild game.
This has been in draft mode for more than a year.

This popcorn is $4. It is topped with togarashi, bacon, and pineapple. This was one of the most delicious popcorn I've had. It has a mildly sweet, yet mild acidic flavor, which compliments the salty slightly spiced smokey flavor. Definitely recommend as a great snack!

The cocktail menu has great specialty selections and there are six tap beers. The beverage selection is not like that of your typical pre- or post-game meal.

We ordered a side of fries ($6) with the Swiss aioli ($3). This was a very interesting sauce and is semi-worth the add-on price if you're a sauce person and also like cheese. For me, it was on the "just okay" level. However, my mom really liked it. The fries don't look like much, but they're definitely fresh. They're perfectly crispy on the outside and nice and fluffy on the inside, just how I like it. I do wish there were other sauce options, but maybe that's just me.

This is the Avocado Tartine ($12) it has a curry sauce on top. My mom could not stop raving about this dish! She loved the sauce so much that she even asked for another piece of bread to sop up every last bit!

This is the Parlour Burger $15.99. My dad loved this burger. From the lore of the internet, I heard that this burger features Pat LaFrieda beef, so I recommended he try it. Although he was slightly hesitant at first, he gave in to my recommendation. It is hand-formed and perfectly cooked, super juicy and flavorful without needing to lean on sauce. He also was super impressed by the bun because it was super fresh and fluffy, yet buttery without feeling heavy. The cheese is perfectly cheesy.

I got the Chicken Sandwich ($12). This was a flavorful fried chicken sandwich. I loved the crunch of every bite. I was honestly a little worried it was going to be dry because of the color of the fried breading, but it was tender and juicy inside. I probably would order the burger next time, though, to be honest. It was a good sandwich, but it wasn't anything to write home about. It could be because I'm not the hugest dill pickle fan, but I think it was a good sandwich.

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