[Minneapolis, MN] Lu's Sandwiches - Banh Mi, Rice Noodle Bowls, and Bubble Tea

We recently ordered curbside pickup from Lu's Sandwiches in Minneapolis. We had a strong banh mi craving and also got the chance to try a rice noodle bowl and some bubble teas.

Left to right: Vietnamese Coffee, Avocado Shake with bubbles, and Thai Tea with bubbles.

These drinks wer okay. I don't think I would go out of my way to drink any of them again. However, if you're already there and picking up a sandwich or bowl already, I would say that adding one to your order is a fine idea.

This is the Meatball Banh Mi ($5.50 for small, $7.50 for large). This was a very filling and fresh sandwich. The fresh vegetables were a great contrast from the fresh meatballs. The pickled vegetables also gave a great added flavor. The pickled vegetables were crunchy still, so what was great since it means they were freshly pickled.
Remember to bring napkins, don't be like me. 
Meredith note: I recommend keeping the sandwich in the wrapper as much as possible. I don't know why my parents like to take the wrappers off of sandwiches, burgers, etc.

This is the Grilled Chicken Banh Mi ($5.50 for small, $7.50 for large). I got the small size banh mi and it was bigger than I expected (considering the price). I ate it all because it was so delicious, but I was definitely more than full.
The chicken was super fresh and flavorful. It had a nice light char and the flavor was super delicious and moist and tender. The bread was really nice and crunchy on the outside and fluffy and flavorful on the inside. I really loved the fresh vegetables and the lightly pickled vegetables, too. Everything tasted so great together.

This is the Grilled Pork Rice Noodle Salad Bowl with Egg Roll. The bowl is $8 and the egg roll is $1.

There are many bowls available. I chose the Grilled Pork because it seemed like it was the most popular, so there had to have been a reason why. It also gave us a chance to try different meats in each menu item. I also opted to add one egg roll to my bowl for $1.

I loved how fresh everything is at Lu's. The one sad thing, though is that the cucumbers were the type that people typically peel because the peel is so bitter. Maybe it was just my bowl, but I avoided the cucumber after the first two pieces (I figured the first was a one-off, so I decided to try a second.) The rice noodles were perfectly cooked.

This is a great summer salad! Definitely recommend. You can definitely share it, too. It was way too much for one (took home leftovers).

We ordered online in advance on their website for curbside pickup at the Nicollet location (2624 Nicollet Ave S). There was a parking spot in front of the store for curbside pick-up and we scheduled our pickup time. Since it was a weekday lunch time, the shop was very busy.
If you don't want to order online, you can still stop by and place your order in person (as many others did). If you are picking up, everything was available at the time we specified and made to order.

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