[Stretch] BOXYCHARM November 2020 Basebox (PR Box) - Honest reviews

Disclaimer: I received this BoxyCharm November 2020 box free as PR in exchange for a post on my Instastory. This post and the YouTube unboxing video are not part of my agreement with BoxyCharm. The opinions here are my own and based on my own experience. I do not accept products for free in exchange for a positive review.

Hi all,

I have absolutely no idea how I got selected to receive BoxyCharm PR, but I thought that this was a great opportunity for me to try out this service and give my own opinion of the products and service. I will definitely give my honest opinion (as always) because, honestly, I do not care if I continue to get PR in the future because, if you've followed me for a while, you know that I generally buy products I am interested in and pay regular consumer price and have no problem doing so because I am very good at watching the sales.

I have been eyeing BoxyCharm, Ipsy, and Allure Beauty Box for the past few years, trying to get a feel for which one would be best for my personal interests (more interested in skincare and like natural/non-glam makeup).

So, because of that, I went with Allure Beauty Box for my paid subscription this year (purchased annual pre-price increase).

So, BoxyCharm was on my radar, but they tend to send more..."out there" products, which don't fit my personal tastes and also appear to send eyeshadow palettes, which is also not something I'm totally interested in that much just because I tend to do single color eyeshadow and, if I do, it tends to be more neutral/natural colors.

Anyway, that's my backstory.

These are my mid-point reviews of my November 2020 box. I promise that if I continue to get PR, I'll try to take better photos. This is a screenshot from the video for IG, so it's not super great.

So, just going to start this with. I decided to donate one (but maybe two) the items from my box to a local organization that supports women and their children who are escaping domestic violence. Those two items are the Milk Makeup Kush Waterproof Mascara and the Alamar Cosmetics Pero Primero eyeshadow primer, so I don't have a review for those two products.

The reasoning behind that decision is:

1) I have many mascaras that I am testing out right now and, honestly, I am not a huge fan of Milk Makeup's high volume mascara (silver tube). I know a lot of people enjoy the line, but I think it just doesn't get along with my eyes, so I figured that someone else will definitely get way more use out of the product. I did not open the tube, so it's is 100% unspoiled.

2) Alamar Cosmetics Pero Primero eyeshadow primer - I don't use eyeshadow primer, since, again, I don't do intense eyeshadow looks (yet). I was happy to see that both the eyeshadow primer and eyeshadow palette came in the same box. As a beginner it is nice to see them together!

Final 3 items:

Natasha Denona Peak Palette ($48 value)

This was the major spoiler this season and it made its way into many subscribers' boxes and it also made it into my box! I believe this is a BoxyCharm exclusive palette, but it includes 5 of the most popular eyeshadow shades from various different palettes.

As a makeup beginner, I don't know what eyeshadows are supposed to be like. I just know what the eyeshadows I have tried in the past are like and this one blows it out of the water. The shadows are just so easy to apply and go on smoothly.

I love the colors, too. It's a nice warm, autumn style palette. It's full of colors that I find to be very wearable, everyday sorts of colors for myself.

I was a little worried about the orange in the spoilers, but it's not as bright in person on my eyes.

Peach and Lily Power Calm Hydrating Gel Cleanser ($28 value)

I always need to find new cleansers, so I was so happy to see this in my box. I have heard great things about the Peach and Lily brand, but I haven't bought anything yet because I'm trying to get through some of my products I bought to try from YesStyle (I am now an affiliate, so you can also use my code EATSTRETCH for additional 2-5% off your order - there's always a link at the bottom of my posts).

This cleanser is quite nice. I've been using it with my PMD Clean. It gets a very nice foaming action in there. I have used it for like 2ish weeks now and I feel like it cleans my skin without stripping it of any oils or anything that's good about my skin, you know?

The one bummer for me is the scent. It's not my preferred scent. It is kind of like a fake citrus/grapefruit smell, I don't know if that makes sense. It's kind of sour smelling, but the scent does not linger, which is nice for me.

I do enjoy this gel cleanser, but I am not sure I would repurchase the product at this point.

Yensa Pumpkin Turmeric 2-in-1 Radiance Mask ($45 value)

When I unboxed this, I was definitely surprised by the price ($45!). Let me clarify that I am surprised to get a mask that retails for $45 in a subscription box. I have definitely spent around $50 in the past for some masks, so I know it's definitely possible.

Less is more with this mask. I sometimes go a little overboard when I use masks, but you definitely only need like a dime-sized amount. I have been using this for the past couple weeks and followed the directions. This is a wash-off mask, which is actually a type of mask I didn't have in my collection at the moment.

Let me first describe the scent. It's very, very strongly scented. However, that's not a knock on the product. I love the scent! It is perfect for the season - it smells like spiced gumdrops (aka one of my favorite candies...I don't like regular gumdrops, only the spiced ones).

The mask is wonderful. It does not sting on my skin or feel any sort of different way while it's on my face. As I wash it off, or, as the instructions say "massage in circular motion with warm water for 30 seconds.

I haven't used it enough to give a review about whether my skin looks more radiant or smoother or any of that, but my skin does definitely feel hydrated after I finish rinsing it off.

I actually may repurchase just because I love the scent so dang much and have been really enjoying the results so far (but I would be tempted to repurchase more if it does make my skin smoother and more radiant).

*FTC Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links which means, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through the links provided and make a purchase.*