[Roseville, MN] Tipsy Steer and High Pines Brew Pub

Guest post from my dad about Tipsy Steer in Roseville, MN :)

We were searching for a restaurant for pre- and post-Minnesota United soccer games at Allianz Field.

Here is the Sunny Po’ Boy served with natural cut fries.

This sandwich included panko-crusted sunny (sunfish) fillets, arugula, tomato, and lemon basil aioli.

First the good news…the fillets where light and flaky with a thin crust of panko. The aioli and arugula added a nice tangy touch. The bun with fresh and fluffy.

But, the sandwich could have used more fish. There were two fillets in the bun and one was a little small. 

My dining partner ordered the sunny fillets and she received four large pieces…all bigger than the two in my roll. The sandwich would be improved with another smaller filet or two larger ones.

The Sunny Po' Boy is $14.

There is another location in Blaine.

Website: https://tipsysteer.com

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