[Stretch] CAUSEBOX Fall 2020 - Quarterly Subscriber, Real *Unsponsored* Review + Coupon Code for Free PMD Clean (or $10 off your box) + BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

I am not one for suspense, so the big announcement will come first. I finally started my YouTube channel and posted my first couple of videos. (Subscribe if you want to do so by clicking here)
I am going to be slightly reorganizing the blog. I may start posting taste test reviews, long form sort of content reviewing my empties (aka reviews of my skincare and makeup hits/misses), and maybe some shop with me and travel content (no promises on the travel content, I'm not bold enough to whip out my camera while traveling and vlog).
After this season's CAUSEBOX, I think I will still do a overview and summary of each of my subscription boxes to share with you. These are my real thoughts, but I may think about and try out the products a bit, maybe research the brands, etc. before posting.

If you want, you can see my first unboxing video below. Warning: It's a bit long, but I think it provides you some real opinions and my real feelings about the box. Def watch on 1.5-2x speed. Since it's my first video, I was trying to speak slowly and enunciate enough (I'm not an actor and never took a drama class, so I'm already at a disadvantage), but it ended up being quite slow. I was also super worried about offending people with my own opinion, but I should have known that obviously no one is watching the video since it's a first video LOL.

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I am a quarterly subscriber. This means that I pay $54.95 USD per quarter (plus tax). I choose to not go annual because I don't want to accumulate too many items in my house and also because I like to have the freedom of choosing to change to a different company/subscription box that has items that season that fit my needs and my values. I know this is a little bit of a different stance than most people have, but there are a few other subscription boxes I have been eyeing with somewhat similar ideals to CAUSEBOX. So, if you have tried Women's Collective, please let me know (and/or link me your referral code and what you think of the box in a comment - I'll probably use it because I am curious about Women's Collective and then I'll edit this post to add your referral code here for others to use).
LONG POST WARNING, feel free to scroll down to the photo of what I got in my box.

I also have a weird mental thought process about subscription boxes. Some of them I'm always so tempted by (I'm looking at you Ipsy Glam Bag Plus), but then there are always a few items every month that I know I will not ever use (eyeshadow palettes, the most common culprit). So, I don't want to be wasteful either as a consumer because I know I am far too lazy to sell/ship the products. So, I've been going back and forth about it because I really like the Ipsy skincare products I've been seeing in boxes and because I know that I might be able to donate unused makeup, eventually, to the women's shelter wherever I am. but I don't know. I guess this is just that I feel a certain way about consumerism. I guess maybe I'm more of a experiences over stuff person.

Oh, by the way, I ended up going for an Allure Beauty Box subscription because I wanted to purchase the subscription box since like January because when everyone started getting disappointed for skincare so often in the box, my eyes got wide and my ears perked up. I ended up going annual because of the price change (I locked in the price for what boils down to $13.75/month), but the price did go up to $23/month as of October 1. I don't want to link out because 1) haven't gotten my box yet and 2) I don't want to recommend it to you if I haven't tested out to see if I, personally, think there's enough of a value for the $23/month. At $13.75 (or $15/month), it was a GREAT deal! But, now it's $23/month and it's in Ipsy and Boxycharm territory. I have already set my calendar reminder for August 3, 2021 to either cancel or renew the Allure Beauty Box (wanted to give myself some wiggle room in case there is a glitch or some issue with customer service).
This is what I got in my CAUSEBOX for Fall 2020.   
As a quarterly subscriber, I cannot customize anything at all! So, everything is a surprise for me. It's exciting and slightly nerve-wrecking.

1) Buzzy Seeds Basil Kit or Green Co Reusable Cotton Rounds: I got the Buzzy Seeds Basil Kit
- I was hoping for the cotton rounds for a variety of reasons, but I actually also ordered a set of reusable cotton rounds in my Add-On Market order, so I do have a set I can use. I just wanted extras on hand. I also have a Makeup Eraser from a FabFitFun box (read my review here).
-Honestly, I think it's a bit odd to have basil in fall. It has a summer growing pattern and it ends up growing quite large, so I don't know how I would grow it indoors in my NYC apartment successfully.
-The magazine gives both of these items a $10 value, but I would honestly give the Basil Grow Kit a $2 value. This is because I bought the same exact kit from the same exact brand (just different pot color) from Joann Fabrics for 80% off (so less than $2). I did this in preparation of possibly receiving this item. I didn't want my basil to be all alone trying to grow and they were a great price.
- I have not used this yet, so I cannot comment further. I am waiting to use it until next summer. If nothing else, the pail looks pretty nice and like I can use it to hold pencils or something.

2) Bathen Bathrobe or Towel Set (in Charcoal or Mint): I got the Towel Set in Mint.
- I wanted the charcoal color towels, but I am quite happy with the mint. I like that it's more of a grey-tone, muted mint color rather than a vibrant mint chocolate chip ice cream green.
- The towels are pretty thin, but I will wash them and do an update later about what I think of them. The weave is quite loose, so I imagine that the weave will get a bit tighter after washing, so it'll feel a bit thicker. UPDATE: The weave definitely got tighter. I'll update with photos later because it's night right now and the lighting isn't great.
- This is not a $90 value to me. I do like the brand story, but it seems like it may be a bit of a stretch to call them $90. In my video, I gave them a $20 value, but at the end I did realize that I had actually undervalued them a bit, maybe. So, after thinking about what I spend for towels, I'd say $30-$40 might be a little more fair, but that all depends on how they feel after I wash them.
- The towels, even after washing, seem pretty thin. However, the fabric is quite absorbent.  Definitely, definitely air dry these towels. I typically air dry everything, so I don't know what the fuss is about not being able to machine dry the towels. Air drying is so much better for the fabric and for the environment...not to mention for your pocketbook if you pay per load of wash and load of dry like I do.

3) Tease Tea 3-in-1 Infuser Bottle or Artisan Direct (CAUSEBOX house brand) Milky Way Lantern: I got the Milky Way Lantern
- I honestly wanted either of these items when the spoilers came out. I would have been happy with either. I was slightly on the fence about the lantern because it looked a little childish to me, but then I saw it illuminated in the series of teasers and thought it looked quite cute for a nightlight or an ambience-setting decor piece.
- I decided I was going to use LED tea lights for a variety of reasons, including my feeling that 1) fire is not a good thing for me to be in control of and 2) tea lights are pretty wasteful.
- I wish they would have given us a tea light candle or LED tea light with the lantern. I know that it's kind of an ask, but if they want us to be more sustainable, make it an easy switch. I KNOW there were so many people who went right to Amazon to purchase tea lights and I have my issues with Amazon and its effect on the environment, sustainability, and human rights (among other issues).
- I ended up buying my LED tea lights at JOANN Fabrics while I was in there picking up some sewing supplies. They are gold and slightly shiny, so the light bounces off of them and the lantern shines brightly similar to the light emitted with a real tea light candle (I tested both).
- I would use the Infuser Bottle (uhhhh, can we just say how great it would be to infuse my own adult beverages???) But, I already have a couple infusers in my apartment that have a higher capacity.
- The infuser has a $39 value and the lantern has a $40 value. I would probably give each about a (conservative) $20 value.

4) Volim Love Scrub ($56 value) OR Aromatherapy Associates Destress Muscle Gel ($39 value) OR Tribe Alive Rose Gold Criss Cross Cuff ($42 value)
- I wanted to receive either the scrub or the muscle gel, but I received the Tribe Alive cuff.
- My mom actually really liked the cuff and requested it for Christmas, so her present is all sorted now. :)
- Seriously, I was setting up for Instagram and she saw it and her eyes got wide when she asked if she could try it on.
- Personally, I would give the cuff about a $20 value (even after knowing the "feel good" story). I've bought similar pieces in the past from local artisans for around the same price.
- I actually realized I was allergic to the cuff after filming. I got criss-cross red marks around my arm from where the cuff was resting, so be careful if you are sensitive to metals!
- If you want to know how to put on the Tribe Alive cuff, watch my video, I show you and try to describe it!
5) Core Bamboo Bamboo Serve Set ($35 value) - Everyone received this item
- I've seen the same brand and item/set at Homegoods for like $10 (or less), so I think this price is extremely exaggerated.
- I wish they would have given us a sample of conditioning oil so that we could use it straight out of the box. Again, this would add like $0 value to the box, but would make far happier consumers. I haven't opened mine yet because I do not shop on Amazon and I haven't been to a store that sells conditioning oil since I received my box.
- I just want to make sure I condition my board before using it since bamboo is prone to cracking easily if water gets in it, etc. So, if this is supposed to be a "sustainable" option, I would just like it to last more than like 2-3 uses without cracking (I bought some bamboo reusable straws and they only lasted like 5 uses before they started cracking and splintering, so that was a major bummer).

6) Way of Will Brightening Face Serum ($37.50 value) - Everyone received this item
- I've heard very mixed reviews about this product on the internet.
- I was a little leery at first because it was quite scented, but gave it a try for the past week or so. The scent kind of disappears after about 10-15 minutes. I would describe the scent like a bread from Starbucks (orange cranberry bread with the white glaze, if you know, you know).
- I haven't used it enough to know if it's working to reduce my scars or discolorations, but my skin is definitely softer and my dry patches are less dry.
- I was worried about breaking out because it's an oil-based serum, but so far, so good.
- A little goes a long way. Definitely heed the instructions of like 4 drops and definitely warm it up in your hands before application.
- It's an oil based serum, so even though we received the Grace and Stella HLA serum last quarter, the Grace and Stella serum is a water-based serum, so it goes on before moisturizer. Then, the Way of Will serum goes on after moisturizer since it's oil-based.

Overall, I think I was too harsh in my first impressions review of the products. Sure, there are things I would have changed (ie. adding in something that adds usage value like a tea light or a conditioning oil sample), but these products have far more utility than some of te items I received in my FabFitFun box, but these two boxes serve different purposes (written review of the FabFitFun coming soon, but video is posted on my YouTube channel - link here).
If you think I'm off-base, feel free to comment below. I'd love to hear your thoughts about this. I have some other issues with subscription boxes that maybe I'll share, but it's a lot about consumerism, waste, and the ecological/environmental issues about shipping things to peoples' doors rather than having them all available to be bought in-person at a store.

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