[Review] Upton Naturals Thai Curry Noodle Real Meal Kit - Vegan ready meal kit


The noodles are similar to the refrigerated pre-cooked udon noodles, but the Upton Naturals Thai Curry Noodle kit is shelf stable and does not need to be refrigerated. Inside the foil packet, you'll find the curry sauce, winged bean, and seitan. The fried onions are in the small vacuum sealed plastic package.

Preparation was very easy. I made mine on the stovetop, but you can make it in the microwave, too. I, personally, would recommend making it on the stovetop because the sauce is very liquidy - almost to the point of it being soup. As a result of the sauce texture, I wanted to boil off some of the liquid to make it a bit thicker.

The noodles are precooked and they come out in a block. Unlike the ones in the refrigerated packages, these were vacuum sealed, so they were slightly harder (tougher). You should let them soak in the sauce a bit to loosen up before trying to break them apart. If you don't wait, the noodles will break into smaller pieces.

The flavor is much better than the Pad See Ew variety I tried in the past. I think that since it's a vegan product, this particular dish lends itself better to being tasty without the animal products, in my opinion.

I would consider purchasing this flavor of the product again.

Personally, for me, this was not enough by itself for lunch. It could be that I eat too much, but I view lunch as my main meal of the day. I ate mine with a side of stir-fried bell peppers and bok choy.

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