[DC - Downtownl] Founding Farmers

Founding Farmers is a farm to table restaurant with four locations in the greater DC area. It is owned by almost 5,000 farmers across the country, who supply the restaurants.

Founding Farmers
1924 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, D.C. 20006

Sorry about the lack of pictures...I would hand-draw some, but...yeah..stick figures eating cornbread and burgers are probably not the best.

Meredith's note: This is a collaborative post between Marissa and our father.

We went to the flagship location between Foggy Bottom and the White House. 
I’ve eaten at Founding Farmers several times in the last five years. Lunch, dinner, weekday, weekend -- it’s always busy so make a reservation. It is almost always busy, so making a reservation is a safe bet. There is a reservation button at the top of their website.

We visited on a Sunday night and ate in the upstairs dining room where it’s not as noisy and congested as main floor bar/dining area.

All of the food prepared in Founding Farmers kitchens is made in-house daily, and all locations are part of the Certified Green Restaurant association.

Our table ordered skillet cornbread which comes with sea-salted churned butter and honey. The cornbread, baked with whole-kernel corn, will serve four diners. It was really good--nice and soft with a good crust and pieces of corn.

Dad: I ordered the chili cheeseburger with a side of double-whipped potatoes. The burger inside the fresh and textured bun was tasty and juicy. I was disappointed by the chili because it could have used more spices. Instead it tasted by like sloppy joe meat.

Marissa: I got the chicken pot pie. The crust was really good, if a bit soft. The inside was really runny, which made it seem more like a soup than a pie. The filling was tasty otherwise.

Even though the restaurant was busy, we didn’t feel rushed. The pace of the service was just right and our server frequently checked on us.

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