[Twin Cities - Minneapolis] Izzy's Ice Cream - Perfect treat

On my recent trip back to Minnesota, I had to check out Izzy's, even though it was below freezing.

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I had only tried Izzy's at Target Field, which doesn't really give you the full experience because I'm pretty sure they didn't have nearly all the flavor options that the brick and mortar store had (a whopping 32 flavors!!!).
There were actually a pretty big variety of flavors for non-dairy eaters (lactose intolerant, vegan, or otherwise). This was the selection of flavors that were available when I visited in early November. There were a good mix of fruit flavors, chocolate flavors, creamy flavors, etc. There were plenty of flavors to sample and you could probably sample all of them if your heart desired.
It is terrible for people who hate making decisions, but also quite cools, but there are a ton of different cones to choose from (on top of also having to decided between cup and cone). Izzy's is kind of famous for having the "Izzy" size cone, which is the itty bitty cone. If you know you want ice cream, but you can't really do a HUGE scoop (or two), you can order a kiddie size cone/cup, too.
The scoops are also topped with an Izzy scoop, which is that itty bitty little top hat of ice cream. If you're like me and you get a kiddie size, you can also add an Izzy scoop for 70 cents, which I totally recommend doing by the way. ALSO! I you really cannot decide between flavors, there's a DIZZY IZZY option, which means you get 5 Izzy scoops! 

If you want more than just scoops because you're fancy, there are also sundaes and ice cream sandwiches and cakes, etc. You can also get take home containers of your favorite flavors.

I chose to get the kiddie (sugar) cone with an Izzy scoop. I think all of my friend ended up getting the Black Kat ice cream (as did I). The Black Kat is basically cookies and cream ice cream with activated charcoal added (to make it black) and Kit Kat pieces (hence the Kat). Let me just say, after having the other activated charcoal ice cream at RVP this summer, I was a little gun shy about trying another...but, I was so happy when I realized it wasn't just a gimmicky choice to add the activated charcoal, so that they didn't have to put much effort into developing the flavors. The flavor was really creamy and the perfect sugar balance, not too sweet, and there were also quite sizeable pieces of cookie. So happy. For my Izzy scoop, I went with a scoop of the pumpkin (seasonal flavor). This was the perfect flavor combination for my mood and the season. I had been trying to decide if I wanted the cheesecake as one of the scoops (to make a pumpkin cheesecake flavor combo), but I just couldn't decide which flavor I would want more of and less of in that combination, so then I decided to go with Black Kat. The pumpkin was SUPER good. It wasn't this pumpkin spice nonsense...it was flavored like true pumpkin with some spice added.

The cool thing about the waffle cones is they put a malted milk ball in the bottom to prevent drips, so clever!

Also, if you get a kiddie cone, you can also have them add a malted milk ball to the top of your cone (if you don't get an Izzy scoop). It's kind of cute.

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