[Seoul - Gangnam] Happy Lemon

Happy Lemon is a milk tea store that originated in Taiwan. There are a few stores scattered throughout Korea. I went to the Gangnam location.


The prices are reasonable, all or almost all beverages starting at less than 4000KRW, most around 3700KRW, the price will increase if you add toppings or add-ins, or you get a size upgrade, obviously.

This location is always crazy busy. It's located right outside exit 11, so it's usually filled with people waiting to meet others in Gangnam.

It's usually very loud, so don't go there expecting to get any work done, but I have seen people successfully(?) studying there before, so it may be possible if you're very good at concentrating.

I got the seasonal drink, it's the honeydew milk with the salted cheese and white chocolate shavings.

Honey Lemon is known for the salted cheese topping for its drinks. I really like the salted flavor in the 85C sea salt coffee, so I decided to just try it with this sweet/fruity milk beverage.

I also felt medium excitement about the white chocolate shavings, but it was included, so I figured there was some logic to the process.

The salted cheese was a good choice for this beverage, actually. It brought out the flavor of the milk and complimented the sweet honeydew flavor, too. I got it with less sugar, but even still it was slightly too sweet for me, so next time I would order it with even less sugar. I would also probably forego the white chocolate shavings next time...it was just a weird sensation to be drinking a smooth honeydew beverage and then suddenly have a chocolate shaving appear...and I didn't think that it really added much to the flavor or my enjoyment of the beverage.
The beverage is quite large, even though I ordered a small, which makes it a pretty good value. I think it was around 3700 KRW, but I think maybe the worker may have messed up the size because other people's beverages were much smaller.
You can also go for just the basic bubble teas or the Salted Cheese Oolong Tea (also a favorite of mine).

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