[Seoul - Yeoksam] Cafe Arriate - Flower cafe

I just wanted to introduce you to one of my favorite flower cafes in Seoul! It's called Arriate (아리아떼). Arriate is a great work and study cafe, too.

I stumbled upon this cafe as I was going to one of my side jobs one day and made a mental note to come back and visit. The original store is in Yeoksam, but in writing this post, I found out they just opened a new location in Hongdae.

I was just looking for a nice, quiet cafe with wifi to get some work done and this fit all those criteria. Even though it's located right in Gangnam, the cafe itself was quite quiet, even as groups came in, it wasn't that loud, which is great. Has anyone else noticed that cafes in Korea often have terrible acoustics?

So, one cute thing about this cafe is that you get a free flower with every cafe purchase. The type of flower changes every day.

This is the menu below:
It's translated for the most part. One thing to note though is that the ADE is like a typical Korean ade (cider + fruit flavor) whereas the mojito actually has alcohol, so it's not a Konglish mojito (Konglish mojito just being basically the same thing as an ade, but without the bubbly carbonation).

I just noticed that some of the varieties aren't translated, so I'll just list the translations here:
Coffee (Hot/Ice): Americano, cafe latte, vanilla latte, mocha latte, caramel latte
Hot tea: Yuja tea (citron), grapefruit, cocoa
Fresh juice: orange, tomato, banana, mango, grapefruit
Bread menu: mugwort herb injeolmi toast (쑥허브 인절미토스트), yogurt ice cream waffle, macaron, cookie, cheesecake, flower pizza (pineapple; salad; hot pepper); pizza and Americano SET
Mojito: apple, rose, lime, mango, raspberry

When I say this is a flower cafe, I mean it's a FLOWER CAFE. There are fresh or dried flowers everywhere - on the ceilings, on the walls, for sale everywhere.

The first thing you'll notice when you enter is either the sight of all the flowers or the smell of all the flowers. You can tell that these are REAL flowers right off the bat.

If you are slightly allergic to flowers, you may want to be a bit cautious...I was kind of feeling some allergy symptoms creeping up on me the longer I stayed there.

I got the lime mojito. I also got asked for my ID to prove my age, which is super weird...but it happened.
It was pretty good. It's not strongly alcoholic by any stretch of the imagination, you can kind of faintly taste the alcohol, but it's not in your face. That being said, it's kind of perfect for daydrinking or for a nice refreshing beverage.
You do have to mix it up a bit to get the flavor throughout. 

It was really refreshing and I'd definitely get the rose one next time just to try it. I think I had intended to order that one, but got a bit flustered in the moment and ended up spitting out the word "lime" instead.

This particular visit found the flowers to be mainly pink tone and I think that's the general aesthetic, but I could also imagine that the colors may change seasonally (?). Correct me if I'm wrong.

In the entryway, there are a bunch of flowers on display, including small little flower arrangements you can purchase.

There are seats for about 20-30 people. Most of the tables are 2-person tables, however they could easily be pushed together and you could make a 4-person area.

There are also these cute ivies on the walls, which add to the atmosphere, making it have a bit more natural/garden-y feel.

Everything is so cute!
The dried flowers for purchase by the entry way.

This is info specific to the Yeoksam location, but the bathroom is located outside.
The password is 7856*
You have to turn right out of the cafe and go to the first floor.

The WIFI password is 025520076.
The wifi was fast enough, but it did have some issues with stability, which kind of stinks..because it's such a cute/quiet cafe that it would be a perfect place to take assessments, but the stability would be an issue if you're doing something sensitive and may lose your work.

Yeoksam - Walk straight out exit 7, past the gas station. You'll see it right after you walk past the plastic surgery clinic, it'll be on your right. You can't miss it, just follow the flower smell!

Hongdae - Walk from exit 9, tirh left at the KFC and walk to the first street. It'll be right by the Burger King.

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