[Seoul - Kondae] Gaemijip 개미집 - spicy octopus stirfry

Gaemijip 개미집 is a famous eating/drinking spot among Konguk University students. It serves one thing and one thing only - spicy octopus stirfry.

This is the menu:
The left side: 불낙볶음 - stir-fried fire octopus
37,000 KRW is for the large size - 특 - teuk
27,000 KRW for the medium size - 중 - joong
20,000 KRW for the small size - 소 - so

Below it you can choose to also order rice
볶음밥 bokkeum bap - 2000 KRW (fried rice, they'll add some seasoned rice to the skillet on your table when you finish your main and then use the remaining liquid for the fried rice)
공기밥 gongi bap - 1000 KRW (a metal container of plain white rice)

Right side - these are all the drinks/beverages available.
매화수 5000 - maehwa soo - plum wine
백세주 7000 - baek se joo
소주 3000 - soju
청하 4000 - cheong ha
맥주 4000 - maekju - beer
음료수 1000 - soft drinks - Cola, Cider, etc.
막걸리 3000 - makeolli

We got the small size (20,000KRW), but it was way more than enough for the two of us. I would say it would probably feed 2-3, definitely 3 if you ordered rice. The portions are quite hefty.

I was kind of surprised by the amount of vegetables in the stirfry. Whenever I've had this at my work cafeteria (yeah, lame place to compare it to), it's usually just sauce, white cabbage, and octopus.

This one, however has all of that, including HUGE pieces of octopus, hobak, mushrooms, onions, and black sesame seeds.

The taste is very...Korean. It was definitely fire-spice level. Like, the fire builds and builds. If you cannot handle level 2 spicy at Uncles ddukbokki, then definitely steer clear of this place or else prepare to drink a lot of beer.

We did go for the bokkeumbap/fried rice at the end, but I was kind of sweating from the main meal that I forgot to take a picture of it.

Honestly, I am not sure if I was actually full at the end, or if I was just dying from the spice and couldn't handle any more. The spice at the beginning was kind of nice/refreshing, as it can be, but by the end it was no longer pleasant. I started questioning why I was continuing to eat it.

We went at a really random time, like 3:30PM on a Saturday, and even then there was a line, it wasn't too bad...like maybe 5 minutes? There are multiple locations scattered throughout the same area, so we ended up going to the second location to get a shorter wait time.

Don't expect anything fancy...I was a bit leery because it was quite dingy, but don't worry. The food and utensils are clean.

Children's Grand Park (line 7) - From exit 3, walk straight past the first two small streets to the big street. At the third street, turn right and walk straight past the 7Eleven, as if you're going into the university. The 개미투/개미3 will be on your right right after the 7Eleven.

I embedded the map because it's a little difficult to explain.
A is 개미집, the original location.
B is 개미집2, is the 2nd location, where we ended up
C is 개미3, which is the 3rd location.

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