[NYC - Midtown] Bibble And Sip - Bibble Quiche, Lavender Latte Breakfast Review

Everyone knows about Bibble & Sip for the wonderful cream puffs (review here), but it's it's a completely underrated place for a quick breakfast bite to eat!

My friend and I stopped off at Bibble & Sip for a quick breakfast before heading out to the museums and before a day of tourism.

Even though you don't hear about it much for breakfast, it was decently busy.

That being said, we were easily able to get a table, which is a pretty big accomplishment.

The queue was pretty long, but a lot of people wanted the cream puffs, but note: cream puffs are available AT NOON.

Don't fret, though, there are plenty of other morning pastries (including croissants) and other foods.
We ended up getting a Bibble Quiche each ($5.50). This was actually a pretty sizeable portion for that price. The flavor was great and all of the ingredients tasted nice and fresh. I'm actually not that fond of tomatoes (I'm old and they give me heartburn), but even the tomatoes were great. I'm not an egg fan, but even though that's the case, I totally love a good quiche (and even a not so good quiche..like these Mini Quiches you can get at Whole Foods on Amazon).

The quiche was not THAT heavy, too. I was quite happy about that. Usually quiches have a ton of cheese and cream, but this one was on the relatively dairy-light end of the spectrum. The cheese used is feta cheese (just in case you care).

I love mushrooms and spinach and onions together in general. The feta cheese added a nice, comforting texture and flavor and the tomatoes added just the right amount of acidity.

My friend got a large latte for herself and I got a lavender latte (my go-to order at BS before 4PM). I didn't even know they had mugs available for "eat-in" customers. I really like it when restaurants and cafes do that...gotta save the planet. It's probably just my brain, but I think my small size was about the same number of ounces as my friend's large, but I am not that good at spatial imagining. 

Sorry about the weird angles of the menu. The line is in an awkward place, so I could either queue to take the picture and then awkwardly duck out or else take an awkward angle...so, you can see which  Ichose.

I've had the English Muffin Slider (one for $5 or 2 for $8.50) before and I can definitely recommend it if you want a more hearty meal. It's quite good and filling.

Since I've always failed to get the menu picture before, I also took a menu picture (with prices) for the Bibble Sweets. Next time I go, I will try to take a picture at a better angle, but no promises.

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