[NYC - Soho] NoMo Kitchen - Most aesthetic brunch spot in New York City! Instagram ready experience!

The best brunch spot for Instagram pictures I've been to in a while is NoMo Kitchen.

Girls' brunch review follows.

My friend chose to have her going away party at Nomo Kitchen. It's located in Soho in the NoMo hotel. 

Everything about this hotel is quite Instagram-ready for all you selfie people out there. This is the entryway, you probably recognize it from many influencers' pictures on Instagram.
Since my friend doesn't drink, I didn't really look at the drink menu closely, but I recall that the cocktail prices were pretty much on par with the others in the city - less than $20. I can't comment on the quality of the cocktails, so sorry about that. There were quite a few specialty cocktails on the menu.

I do remember being like "Hmmm, it's a little more than my usual $15, but not as much as I could see an Instagram-worthy brunch place charging," if that gives you any sense of the price. From doing research while writing this post (menu), my gut and memory was right - they're about $17 each; $50 if you get a punch bowl to share. 

My food:
I got the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes ($15). These were incredibly rich and incredibly sweet. I kind of regretted ordering them. I could only eat 1.25 pancakes, so that was kind of a waste. I thought it wouldn't be too sweet and that the lemon would balance it. That was the case for maybe bites 4-7, but it was definitely like a struggle after those bites.
It was cooked fully, but the inside was so thick and creamy in texture that it kind of seemed like when you get some undercooked pancakes. I think it was the ricotta ratio in the pancake that caused that phenomena. I would have totally loved for there to be more fruit on the pancakes. It really did help to balance out the sweet and rich flavor, but the berries were kind of treated like a garnish.

Many others at the table got food that wasn't so sweet, so there are plenty of savory items. So, if you must have a sweet pancake and the idea sounds delicious (or you want it for the gram), you should probably negotiate sharing a sweet/savory item with someone else in your group.

The Grilled Chicken Sandwich and the Eggs Benedict received praise at our table. So, check those out!

I scoped out more Instagram spots:

Next to the entrance, there's a little courtyard. It basically a smoking area, but if you can get past that, there are some cute trees and benches, etc. 

Sorry about the lighting. It was far too sunny, so it wasn't perfect timing for our Instagram posts, but it may be a cute place for more photos.

I can't find the picture, but also in the courtyard is a sculpture of a humanoid (male) dog and a sexy humanoid (girl) rabbit sitting on a Vespa. So, if they don't creep you out, you can check out that spot as another potential Instagram prop.

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