[NYC - Chelsea Market] Very Fresh Noodles - Chinese handpulled knife-cut noodles review

Chelsea Market has a wide variety of food options. One of the options is Very Fresh Noodles, which serves up Chinese hand pulled, knife-cut noodles.

One great thing about Chelsea Market is that there are plenty of different food options for your group. If someone is really into Chinese noodles, they can check out Very Fresh Noodles, but if Chinese noodles are not their thing and they prefer tacos, they can stop off at Los Tacos No. 1.

My friend and I both wanted Chinese noodles, so it was an easy choice for us.

One not so easy choice was deciding between soup noodles or dry noodles. 

I went for the dry noodles and my friend decided to go for the soup noodles.
This is the Tingly Cumin Lamb (soup option). Since they make everything to order, you can customize your noodles. For example, my friend does not care for cilantro, so she got it without cilantro.
The broth is extremely flavorful and definitely spicy. It's not like Xian Famous Foods level of spice, but you can tell there's definitely some spice in it.

I got the dry noodles version of the Tingly Beef Noodles - I got beef because I wanted to try the beef version because I was quite tempted by the Taiwanese beef noodle soup, so I thought this was probably a happy medium.
The noodles here are quite good. I was a little underwhelmed by the dry noodles, so maybe the soup noodles are a better option (?). I'll try the soup noodles next time. I really liked all the cilantro. I am very different from my friend because, for me, the more cilantro, the better.

The meat was quite tender, but there wasn't that much meat given the price point. I mean, I get it, rent is high.

There are a ton of other Chinese noodle spots in the city with more intense flavors that I would probably choose to go to over Very Fresh Noodles again. However, this is definitely a solid choice in Chelsea Market.

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