[NYC - West Village] Kopi Kopi NYC - Es Alpukat (Avocado Espresso Smoothie)

Revisited Kopi Kopi NYC in West Village
after many years to get my beloved Es Alpukat.

The CHANGED THE SIZE! It's so small now. Look how small it is compared to my previous post.

The price is the same ($7), but the size is like half, which is pretty disappointing.

It was a treat before and it's definitely a treat now.

As you can see, everything else is about the same. The pattern on the top made with chocolate syrup. There are still the layers of espresso and avocado. It looks like the espresso component may still be the same, just less volume of avocado layer.

This may or may not be a good thing. It's good because the previous, larger version was super filling, but it's bad because I used to use that kind of as a meal replacement during my studying days.

The atmosphere is still pretty much the same. A lot of people on laptops working, groups of cool kids killing time before parties, and just a random mix of other customers. It is still quite cold in the cafe, but I really think that's because they want to make it uncomfortable enough that people don't camp out all day.

The food menu appears to have expanded somewhat from my previous visits. I still haven't done the full experience there with a full Indonesian meal, just sampled my friend's Nasi Goreng in the past.

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