[NYC - Midtown] Totto Ramen Review. Yet another revisit - Pork Buns, Mega Paitan, and Chicken Paitan

As you probably know by now, Totto Ramen has been my go-to ramen shop in New York City for a while now. So, yet another visit was due.

If you haven't read my other reviews, just do a quick search up top for them. My orders change a bit from time to time, so I've had a good variety of the menu items.

I really like Totto because they use a chicken base broth rather than the typical tonkotsu, pork-based, broth. Totto also uses a wavy noodle, in case you have strong preferences about noodle textures. 

Typically, the broth at Totto is also not quite as salty as a lot of the other places, but, from time to time, there is a day when that statement is not so true.

So, first thing to remember is that Totto Ramen is CASH ONLY, so definitely plan ahead and budget your cash accordingly.

We started off with 2 Char Siu Pork Buns ($4 each). Honestly, this is not 100% favorite or go-to food choice. It's probably a personal taste issue since I am not a very big fan of pork or of mayonnaise. That being said, I knew that when I ordered it. 

It really is a good starter. The pork is really flavorful and tender. It is kind of messy, though, so make sure you have some wet tissues available for after your meal.

In the red bowl, you'll see the Mega Paitan. This has basically everything in it and in a larger quantity. It's the signature chicken paitan, topped with char siu pork, pulled pork shreds, pieces of savory pork belly, bean sprouts, egg, onion, and crispy fried garlic. You can also make it spicy if spice is your thing.

The white bowl is my go-to order. The Chicken Paitan with chicken (you can choose between chicken and pork). Sometimes I add corn or spicy bamboo sprouts.

One good thing to note, if you're traveling with vegetarians or vegans, is that there is a vegetable broth ramen that you can also order as a spicy vegetable broth. The broth is made from seaweed and mushrooms. You can also add any of the toppings you want to from the topping list if you want to really make that vegetable ramen your own.

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