[Seoul - Yangjae] Coffeeplant - Flaky, fluffy croissants and in-house roasted coffee beans

Coffeeplant is a cute, industrial modern-style coffee shop near Yangjae station, slightly off the beaten path.

I first stumbled into Coffeeplant because I was searching for a nice crusty bread loaf for a Secret Santa present for my coworker and the place I scoped out the day before didn't open until 10 and I had to be to work by 9.

Luckily I stumbled there! The prices are SO good. It's a refreshing break from the chain brand cafes in Gangnam and the expensive, super expensive independent coffee shops in Gangnam, too.

It was relatively close to my office, so that was a major plus for me...and they put out new baked goods right about the time I usually arrive (about 8:40AM). This was on days that I was ahead of schedule, didn't have a packed breakfast (aka days after I had my side hustle), and was not too late, so I didn't have to resort to a Paris Baguette morning set.

One day, my friend and I did a Costco run, and stopped off here before going our separate ways. So, this post is about that day.

So, I hadn't eaten that day, so I definitely got the croissant and Americano set (4000 KRW btw). Even though we went at like 3PM, they were also just taking some croissants out of the oven. (I watched, it wasn't just a scam like when stores say that...or, I hope it wasn't). I waited about 4-5 minutes for my croissant to come out of the oven. If you don't have the time to wait, they do give you the option of having one of the bakery items that was sitting on the counter for a while...but I had time...

My friend went with the Espresso Con Panna (3500 KRW), just because it was something that cannot be found at all cafes...her review was "it was...interesting."

Sorry, no picture of my Americano + croissant set together, but just imagine it...it's just a hot Americano in a takeout cup.

The Americano wasn't as weak as, let's say, the Paris Baguette morning set or the Americano at Dunkin Donuts, so that was a plus. I am pretty sure they use 2 full shots of espresso in the Americano.

I lied. You can kind of see the Americano. Buttttt, the star of this picture is the flaky croissant. Seriously, I was so happy when I found this place. I was kind of tired of eating the kind of moist, dense croissant-shaped breads at the chain stores. This one is nice, light, airy, and flaky. It's semi-buttery, but not super buttery...sometimes stores go overboard with the butter and it ends up being semi...deep-fried-esque.

There are chairs for about 80 people. There are some longer communal style high tables and some 4-person tables, too.

It seems to be quite popular with the start-up crowd and the freelancers.

Unlike a lot of cafes in Seoul, especially in Gangnam, it's a good cafe to get work or studying done. It is pretty quiet throughout the day, just make sure you miss the 8:50-9ish rush of company workers. The acoustics aren't bad...if you've been in Korea for a while, you know that most cafes in Korea have terrible acoustics are you can hear all conversations around you and...NOT around you.

This is the full menu, just click to see the full menu.
By the way, I bought my coworker a ciabatta loaf...they were taking it right out of the oven, so I was definitely 5 minutes late for work.

There are 9 different types of hand drip coffees available (if you want translations let me know, I can do it).

Go out Yangjae Station exit 3 (line 3, Shinbundang line). Walk straight. At the Cafe Pascucci, turn right. Walk straight down the street. You'll see a 7Eleven on your left. At the next intersection, you'll see two cafes called "Coffeeplant" right across from each other. The one I go to is shown above....I'm actually not sure if they're affiliated with each other.

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