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[NYC - Chelsea] La Newyorkina - Mexican Ice Pops on the High Line

I know it's an unconventional snack attack Saturday, but it's forecast to be a beautiful NYC Saturday, so I just wanted to let you know about La Newyorkina on the High Line!

My Danish friend was visiting, so we met up in Chelsea Market for lunch and then went to the High Line to walk off said lunch. It was a beautiful New York day, so we couldn't resist the La Newyorkina cart this time.

(There are a few brick and mortar stores throughout the city. I went to the one in the Village, so I'll write about that later...they sells ice cream among other treats.)

The cart sells Paletas, which are ice pops :)

One thing to note is this is CASH ONLY! Each pop costs $4.

They are made with fresh fruit juices and come in some rather unique flavors.
We went with the Mango Chili flavor and were not disappointed. (You can add extra chili flakes to it before walking away, btw. There's a shaker next to the cash register.)

The ice pop was sweet without being overly sweet and the chili added a nice dimension of flavor.

It was kind of funny, while walking with the ice pop along the High Line you get so many jealous glances and comments.

Location: High Line, just about 19th or 20th Street.

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