[Snack Attack - America] Hell or High Watermelon 21th Amendment Brewery - Wheat Beer

21st Amendment Brewery released a watermelon beer for this summer, so I had to check it out before summer ended.

So, the one question that is on everyone's mind is....does it taste like watermelon?
By that I mean, I was wondering it and so did the cashier at the grocery store.

Answer, yes, yes it does taste like watermelon.
In fact, I liked it because the watermelon flavor was able to drown out the wheat beer taste. I typically go for IPAs because I like really hoppy beer and don't get that same flavor from wheat beers, so I try to avoid them.

It's a nice refreshing beer, perfect for summer. It's 4.9% ABV.
The flavor is light and refreshing and not  heavy at all, perfect for a picnic.

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