[DC - Foggy Bottom] Beefsteak - Made-to-order vegan/vegetarian Chef José Andrés

In DC, we had to check out Chef José Andrés' Beefsteak, a new fast casual vegan/vegetarian spot for lunch one day.

The location we visited is right by GWU campus in Foggy Bottom.
Even as a meat eater, you will not be disappointed. The flavors are intense and the meals will definitely keep you full!

Full menu below! (Click to enlarge)
You can either choose to make your own (first picture) or else choose one of the predetermined sets.
There were a ton of options, so since it was our first visit, we just went with the prearranged meals.

So, even though the ingredients are already predetermined, they do let you swap out some items for others. My mother, for example, went with the "Lime after Lime" salad, but substituted white rice for quinoa.

This is the exterior of the building. 

They prepare the meals right in front of you, so you can see the fresh ingredients. 

We did takeaway, but you can also eat-in. There are plenty of seats and a pretty good ambiance, the decor was modern and bright.

The food:
Each menu item is pretty sizeable! The burger may be one of the smaller items, though.

My father got the Beefsteak burger and added the potato chips.
Even though he is an avid meat eater, he really enjoyed his beefsteak (tomato) burger. The sauce was very flavorful and the bun was super fresh. They toast it up to order. The tomato had a bright, juicy taste.

My sister ordered the Curried Treasure. The veggies were fresh. The workers took the fresh ingredients and steamed them right before adding them to the rice bowl. The major hit of the dish was the crunchy peas on the top.

My mother and I both got the Lime after Lime salad, but she swapped white rice for quinoa, whereas I just kept it as listed. The vegetables, including the greens, were all fresh. Each bite was packed with flavor. The crunchy element in this dish were the sunflower seeds.

Next time, I may ask for the dressing on the side. It was a very flavorful dressing, but at some times I thought it was a little too intense. It was a lot of food and I was worried I wouldn't be able to finish, but I definitely did finish the whole thing.

All of us were full until late...after the soccer game finished, which is pretty amazing.

The drinks are all pretty "natural," just in case you're a soda addict...you won't find soda there.

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