[NYC - Upper West Side] Maison Pickle - NYC Brunch and cocktails

Maison Pickle is a great place to try out for brunch in New York City.

It's famous for French toast towers (I'll revisit and create another post), French dip sandwiches, and the famous 21-layer chocolate cake.

We meant to go to Jacob's Pickles for brunch, but it was full (with a 2-hour wait...at about 2:30 on a Saturday), so we decided to go to it's younger brother, Maison Pickle instead, which is just a block away.

First off, if you haven't visited Jacob's Pickles, make sure you go and are patient for the wait. It's so worth it. It was closed for a bit because of fire damage, but reopened really recently.

If you don't have the time/patience to wait, Maison Pickle is also a great choice. It's kind of the "kid brother" of Maison Pickle and has many of the menu favorites from Jacob's Pickles on its extensive menu, too.

The first thing you notice upon walking in is the bar, with all the liquors displayed proudly. One thing to note about both restaurants is that the cocktails are thought out well.

There's a second bar in the back, too. That's where we sat.
There are kind of a lot of seats at Maison Pickle, I'd like to say there are more than at Jacob's Pickles, actually. It's also not as loud, which is kind of nice if you want a relaxing brunch, meal, or drink.

There's actually even second floor seating, too. I'm not sure how many seats were up there, but I think there were about 20-30, just by a quick glance.

This is the brunch menu. Whereas Jacob's Pickles is known for the biscuits and gravy, Maison Pickle is known for the French Dip sandwiches. Additionally, unlike Jacob's Pickles, Maison Pickle doesn't have the homemade pickles prominently featured on the menu. 

Since we were sitting by the kitchen window we got to see all the food come out.
The portions of most of the items ARE HUGE! The Challah French Toast is definitely a popular brunch item, as one would assume. I would say that the Fried Chicken & Toast is DEFINITELY the most popular. It's legitimately a skyscraper of carbs, but looks so delicious. I may make a return visit for that.

One of the nice things about sitting at the bar is that you can talk to the bartender. So, even though this cocktail (Father-in-Law) was not on the brunch menu, he made it for me because I wanted a nice whiskey-based cocktail that day.

The cocktail was great. It was nice and strong and is their take on a Manhattan. I would definitely recommend it, but I could see why it's a dinner cocktail, not a brunch cocktail. So, depending on what you order for brunch, it may not be the best choice.

We got the Southwest Tots to start. It's homemade tots topped with chili, sour cream, and cheddar cheese. It's definitely a savory dish. 

In my personal preference, I wish the tots were a bit crispier, but the flavors were so good that I could be okay with that.

Also note that these were not the small store-bought tots, they are larger potato shreds shaped into tot form.

One thing to get at either restaurant is the Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese. I highly recommend it. The buffalo chicken adds a bit of spice to the savory and very creamy mac and cheese, adding a bit of flavor and texture dimension. The mac and cheese is baked a bit, so I could get my crunchy noodles on the sides of the dish and the crunchy cheese on top.
Check out that cheesy goodness! That cheese pull is great!

I also ordered the Smoked Salmon Loaded Hash Browns. It's topped with smoked salmon, creme fraiche, dill, and caviar.  I finally got my crispiness! The hash browns were super crispy throughout and it was just such a pretty presentation. Usually I don't like fish roe, but the bite was was pretty good when you get some of the dill, smoked salmon, fish roe, cream, and some of the crispy hash browns all at once. This was kind of the only hint of pickle in the whole meal with the dill.

2315 Broadway, New York, NY 10024
Broadway & 84th.
Nearest station: 86th Street (1 train)

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