[Singapore] 5footway.inn Project Boat Quay Night Views and Beer

5footway.inn Project Boat Quay hostel review coming your way.

One of the other factors that sealed the deal for us in choosing to stay at 5footway.inn Project Boat Quay, other than the private room, price, and air conditioning were the reviews that said the view from the lounge was SUPER good.

This is a follow-up/companion post to yesterday's Private Twin Room Review.

I can confirm, the views are SO good. During the night or day, it's very nice. The breakfast area/lounge is located on the top floor and has huge windows, which, when opened, allow a nice cool breeze to flow into the room, definitely needed in the heat/humidity of Singapore.

You can see part of Marina Bay Sands from the lounge.

This is the Asian Civilisations Museum...and also my finger, sorry about that. It was so sunny, so I didn't notice until way too late. It's right on the Singapore River, so you can see the boats go by.

The night views definitely win at this hostel.

We decided that 1) we were too poor to go to the bars in Singapore, 2) the lounge had wonderful views, 3) we just wanted a nice relaxing night in after touring around in the heat, so we opted to stay in and go to the lounge area one night. Everyone else at the lounge was SO jealous of us and our beers...the next night, I went up to get some tea and water and I saw that we had started a trend somehow. Never would I have thought I would be a trendsetter in a foreign country, but apparently we won.

Also, I had to try the Rose Hoegaarden. It had just been released in Korea and was super impossible to find. So, when I saw it at the convenience store, I just had to try it. Overall verdict, it was a very light and refreshing flavor. I wasn't really sure what to expect, so this definitely exceeded my expectations. If I were to see it again, I would definitely consider having another, but I would still prefer sticking with my go-to beers.

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