[NYC - KTown] Grace Street Revisit with Green Tea Bingsu, Bubble Tea, and Rose Milk Tea

Yet another Grace Street post, sorry I'm so boring. It's just such a central location, so we tend to meet up there.

This time, I mixed it up a bit, but a lot is the same old, same old order...sorry, I just really love the Rose Milk Tea.

This time, got the Elixir Bingsu (green tea bingsu base, lychee jelly, red beans, and taro). The bingsu at Grace Street is more like shaved sheets of ice than a snow texture. So, it's actually a lot denser. I think this is more like Taiwanese style shaved ice, but don't quote me on that.

The bingsu is sweet, but not too sweet. Because of the thicker texture, it kind of is more like an ice cream than a lot of the other bingsus I eat. The green tea flavor is quite rich, isn't bitter, and isn't super sweet either.

The bubble milk tea was fine. It wasn't the best and wasn't the worst.

The purple drink with the umbrella is the seasonal Sunset Lemonade. My friend said this was quite delicious. It's a good option for people who are looking for something refreshing without caffeine.

We also got the Rose Petal Milk Tea, one hot and one iced. Previous post here.
The hot Rose Petal Milk Tea comes with this pretty latte art design and dried rose petals on top. I think I actually prefer it in the hot version. The rose flavor was more pronounced and it doesn't get diluted if you don't drink it fast enough.

So as to not bore you with yet another separate post...I tagged this drink from a different visit onto this post.

This is the Passion Fruit Tea. It was a little unclear when ordering since it's listed under "Milk Tea" on the menu, but it doesn't contain any milk tea. It was fine, but I probably wouldn't order it again...I was just on my passion fruit obsession week that week.

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