[NYC - Flatiron] Sugarfish by sushi nozawa - The Nozawa Trust Me

Today is International Sushi Day, so decided to finally write a post about Sugarfish in NYC.

I decided to try the "The Nozawa Trust Me" menu because I trusted them to make the choices for me...was that the best choice? Who knows.
I've been trying to go to Sugarfish forever. It always has a super long line, so I have never been patient enough or not starving enough to queue. The line is always full of fashionable "cool Asians," you know what I mean. So, I was medium about what to expect.

So, we planned it one day that we'd show up before it opens and just queue for lunch on Saturday. We ended up arriving like thirty minutes before the restaurant opened and there was no one in line yet, so WE WERE FIRST IN LINE!

This is the edamame. They were fine. Fresh, lightly salted. Not much to say.

This is the Tuna Sashimi. This was probably the only memorable course of the meal. It was super yummy. The fish was fresh. The sauce was great.
 This is the 2 pieces of salmon sushi. The salmon was fresh and pretty great quality.

 This is the 2 pieces of albacore sushi. 

 This is the two pieces of yellowtail sushi.
This is the 1 piece of seabass and the 1 piece of snapper.

This is the Toro hand roll. This was also pretty good, probably the runner up.
This is the Blue Crab roll. This was the second favorite.
This is the "Daily Special." The day I went, the daily special was sweet shrimp.

Since we shared the menu (which is allowed, by the way, no one seemed to look down on us or anything...the server made it seem like it was actually quite common), we added an order of the Albacore Belly.

Honestly, the "Albacore sushi" that came with the "Trust Me" was just, so-so. Like nothing to write home about.

But, definitely go for the Albacore Belly.

Service: The service was quite attentive and they did describe what every course was. There's no tipping at Sugarfish. The courses are brought out as they are prepared.

Overall, I kind of felt like Sugarfish was over-rated. I think it's super popular because so many celebrities go to Sugarfish, esp the LA location. The sushi was good, but I've had better. I guess the price is pretty cheap for the set menu, so I guess that may also be a draw.

I think I'd honestly save up and go out to a different sushi place rather than go here again.

Organic Edamame 
Tuna Sashimi
Albacore Sushi (2-pc) 
Salmon Sushi (2-pc)
Yellowtail Sushi (2-pc)
Snapper* Sushi (1-pc)
Sea Bass Sushi (1-pc)
Toro Hand Roll
Blue Crab Hand Roll
“Daily Special” (2-pc)


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