[Seoul - Sadang] Twosome Place - Earl Grey Chiffon Cake and Green Tea Latte

I quite like Twosome Place - a Korean cafe chain. It's consistent and the desserts and drinks are tasty.

I am super anti-Starbucks, so I am a little sad that I like Twosome Place, but I really do think the desserts and drinks at Twosome Place are better than at Starbucks. The prices are slightly higher than at some of the other chain cafes, but the atmosphere is kind of nicer. I have also noticed that the beverages have a consistent taste from location to location throughout the country.

One of my favorite things at Twosome Place is actually this Earl Grey Chiffon Cake. It's so fluffy and the earl grey flavor is quite strong without it tasting kind of sour, if that makes sense...like it doesn't taste like you're just chewing on the leaves like some other earl grey cakes/tarts I've had taste. The cream is light and airy, too, and not overly sweet.

It's also topped with a macaron. :)

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What's your favorite item at Twosome Place?

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