[Singapore] A Noodle Story - Singaporean Ramen, Amoy Street Food Centre

One day, we decided we were going to eat on a budget, so I ended up choosing to go for the "Singapore ramen" at A Noodle Story at the Amoy Street Food Centre (Stall 01-39).

Singapore has SO, SO, SO many cheap food options and SO, SO, SO many cheap Michelin guide food options.

After exploring all the options, I decided I wanted to check out A Noodle Story since we were talking about also checking out the Red Dot Design Museum, which is nearby.

At first glance, it looks kind of small. To be honest, I was a little iffy about if I would be full afterwards. Spoiler alert, I was not exactly stuffed full, but I was full enough that I didn't feel like I needed another meal immediately.

When we got there, the queue was SUPER long, but not as long as I had mentally prepared myself to wait, especially since we arrived there around 1PM on a weekday. In fact, the guys behind me (look like businessmen on a lunch break) were commenting that they knew they had to queue because it wasn't that busy today and they had always wanted to try it.

They do make each bowl to order, which isn't exactly a major feat since there's basically one item on the menu and they're so busy, but they somehow can remember who got which size, how many, which add-ons, etc. You have to choose also if you want it spicy or not.

I opted to just stick with the OG combination in the small size.

You can see most of the components in this picture, I forgot to take a picture of the other angle...sorry, I was so hungry after waiting in the queue for like 40 minutes. There are two HK-style wontons, a half of an egg, one potato-wrapped prawn, and two slices of char siu pork. I got it spicy, so there's a spoon full of "spice" there, too, hidden under the green onions. 
The noodles are actually quite nice and springy, I was like "what does springy noodles mean?" as I was standing in line, and it turn out it means they still have some bite/texture to them and are not straight noodles...they're kinda thin and wavy.

It's a dry ramen, so if you prefer to have a soup ramen, this may not be the stall for you (there are plenty of soup noodle options in the hawker center for you).

Obviously, I loved the potato-wrapped prawn...because any crispy potatoes and I get along like the best of friends. I would have preferred the char siu to be crispier. As in, it wasn't very crispy whatsoever. I actually really don't like eggs, but this one was nice and creamy and kind of added some moisture to the otherwise dry noodles. The wontons were fine, just a basic wonton. It was hot when I got it, so that was appreciated. The "spice" was not spicy at all. I don't know, whenever a restaurant worker in Asia asks me if I'm sure I want spice and I say "yes," I am expecting it to be fire-in-my-mouth spicy. This was just...like quarter to half Shin Ramyun spicy.

Menu: Sorry it's hard to read.
Price: 7 SGD for the small with no add-ons. 9 SGD for the large with no add-ons.

I would like to comment that there were some signs and articles posted on the stall that were addressing customer complaints that the prices were higher and the portions smaller after A Noodle Story gained international fame from the Michelin guide. That being said, it wouldn't be smart business if they didn't increase price slightly to deal with the cost of inflation and to capitalize on their fame. So, if you're mad about it being a little pricey for hawker centre food, you can always choose to go to another stall...I mean it's still about 5 USD for a meal.

Mon - Fri: 11.15am – 2.30pm/5.30pm – 7.30pm 
Sat : 10.30am - 1.30pm
Closed on Weekends & Public Holidays

(OR until product sells out)

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