[Seoul, Gangnam] Julio - Mexican Food in Seoul

Lunch Set: Chicken Burrito with Fries (6,900KRW)
So, one day after meeting my Korean tutor, I decided to wander around Gangnam before meeting my friend. I found this Mexican food restaurant called Julio.

You know, scoping out my next meal...or my next seven. I happened to come across Julio on my way to cafe hill. (See the Standard Coffee Bar post for a great cafe!) As an American, I really miss the idea of Chipotle while abroad for a long time...I don't know what it is about Chipotle, but it's definitely crave-able.
So, I was kind of in the mood for a burrito and I came across Julio's by accident. I took a look at the menu and the prices were reasonable (not as high as Dos Tacos and definitely not as high as On the Border, but not as cheap as Chois Tacos). The lunch set menu is a great deal! So, if you can go for lunch, I highly recommend you to do so.

Do you have any recommendations for Mexican food places?

I have been to three locations of Julio's: the one in Gangnam, the one in Hongdae, and the one in Jongno.

I say the Hongdae one probably has the best flavor, but it may have just been the cook that was there on the day I went. The Jongno one is convenient if you work downtown or if you are staying in a hotel around the center of Seoul (ie. Anguk, Myeongdong, City Hall, Gwanghwamun).

The menu options do not vary from location to location. 

I recommend going for lunch since it is the best value. The lunch set is offered M~F until 2pm.
You get your choice of menu items and the set comes with chips and salsa or french fries and a fountain soda (free refills) or an Americano.
The options are:
Set 1: Two tacos 6,900KRW
Set 2: Burrito 6,900KRW
Set 3: Quesadilla 7,900KRW
Set 4: Enchilada 7,900KRW
Set 5: Chicken Fajitas 9,900KRW

For sets 1~4, you get your choice of meats: chicken, pork, or beef.

The burrito had a pretty good flavor and the meat was well seasoned, as was the rice. The fries were definitely a weird combination with the burrito. (I also do not really care for that type of fries, so that may have clouded my judgement).

The beef enchilada was kind of strange. I think that it is not really an enchilada, but rather a burrito with enchilada sauce drizzled on the top of it. That aside, the flavor was nice. This was a beef enchilada, but it was a steak, rather than ground beef, just so you know.

So, if you know me, you know I really like chips. These chips were pretty good, but it may have been because I hadn't eaten any chips in such a long time since I do not care for Korean chips very much, but that's a story for another day.

Not pictured, but the margaritas at Julio's are also pretty tasty. They also sell a "Mexican Bulldog," so try that if you want to have a drink.

On the dinner menu, they have chili cheese potatoes, which I have heard are pretty good from a trusted source.

Beef Enchilada

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