[Seoul - Sincheon] Saemaul Shikdang (새마을식당) - Korean bbq

I typically try to not eat that much Korean barbeque or meat, but some days...you just have to partake in it. A good option, in my opinion, is 새마을식당 (Saemaul shikdang).

It is a chain and the menu and atmosphere do not vary much from branch to branch, so it's a pretty safe bet. Where's your favorite Korean bbq place?

I went to the branch near Sincheon station (line 2), but I have also been to the branch in Hongdae.

We ordered the yeontan bulgogi (150g, 8,000KRW per person). It's always a safe bet. They also have very good yangnyeom meat and samgyupsal. I have never eaten the samgyupsal because I don't care for it that much, but my friends have told me that it is good here. Another good menu item is the 7bun dwaeji kimchi, pork kimchi (5,000 KRW) and doenjangjjigae (6,000KRW).

When you order, each meal comes with meal comes with miyeokguk (seaweed soup, but there's no meat in it), pamuchim - green onion shreds you eat with the meat, salt mixture you use to put a little salt on the meat right before eating it, leaves for wrapping the meat, and the usual kimchi and garlic. I suggest putting the kimchi on the grill, if you've never tried it before, because heating it enhances the flavor. Of course, you need to grill the garlic, too.

If you want rice, you have to order it separately, as is the case in most restaurants. Just so you know what it looks like on the menu, in case it's not available in English, it's 공기밥 (gong-gi bap). A serving of rice here is very large, just be forewarned.

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  1. No, we did not go there.
    I will add posts about the Korean bbq place we went later...either today or tomorrow.


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