[Seoul - Cheongnyangni] School Food - Korean Street Food Chain

School Food is a Korean chain restaurant serving up Korean food that reminds Koreans of childhood.

So, I usually try to not eat at large chain restaurants, but sometimes you have to make an exception...like when the area you work in only has chain restaurants and is in a part of Seoul that is not really near anything.

School Food is, I guess, a Korean chain restaurant...kind of like a Korean-style Applebee's or TGI Friday's (nevermind that there are plenty of TGI Friday's in Korea...). It's regular Korean food, but in fusion-style presentations and flavors. That also means that the price may be more expensive than you are used to paying for bunshik.

I apologize for the fuzzy picture. This was before I changed phones, so this was a 3- or 4-year-old smartphone...aka before phone companies got everything figured out.

I used to work near Cheongnyangni Station (청량리역)...incidentally one of the most tricky stations to spell in English, ever. This is line 1/Jungang line. It may be a good option for you if you want to get something to eat before you catch the KTX or the Jungang line somewhere.

Cheongnyangni Station Location: 3rd Floor of the Lotte Department Store. 

If you are staying in central Seoul, there is one in the B1 floor of the YoungPoong Bookstore at Jonggak Station (line 1).

There are plenty of other locations, so you can readily find it somewhere.

 You don't have to worry about the menu, either. The dish name is written in Korean and English, but the "descriptions" are in Korean only. The descriptions are usually not that descriptive, so you're not missing out on anything. You can usually tell the ingredients by the dish name/title.

The dishes that School Food is known for is the carbonara ddeokbokki, cheese ddeokbokki, the mari (which are just "rolls" aka kimbap), ddeoksun-i (ddeokbokki and soon-dae (Korean sausage) and the butter jangjorim (beef boiled in soy sauce) rice on a hot iron plate.

My co-worker loves loves LOVES ddeokbokki, so we definitely had to order some. Since I can't really eat dairy products, we couldn't order the carbonara or cheese ddeokbokki, but my co-worker gives them rave reviews, as did all of the diners around us.

We ordered the regular ddeokbokki (5,000KRW) and the butter jangjorim rice dish (철판장조림버터비빔밥) (8,000KRW). 

The ddeokbokki was not very spicy, so if you're worried because it looks red, don't fret
The butter jangjorim rice dish was...very buttery flavored. Seriously, I didn't know it was possible to taste so much like butter. I would say that it may be a dish to try one time, but I am not sure if I would want to eat it again. Honestly, I was a little worried about my arteries after eating that.

We finished lunch and were still kind of hungry...and we did not really want to go back to the research lab right away, so we finished off our meal with a Iced Milk Tea at Dunkin Donuts.

Overall, I think School Food is a good option if you want to try some fusion Korean street food and want to play it safe, but I, personally, would rather just eat the street food, or eat at another on of the fusion street food places like Nippong Naeppong, also a chain store.

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