[Gwangju] Nippong Naeppong (니뽕 내뽕) - Fusion jjamppong

A few years ago Nippong Naeppong, a fusion jjamppong and pizza restaurant, opened in my neighborhood, I was living in Gwangjin-gu in Seoul. Now it's a major chain and still going strong.

The first time I went, it was to the original location, so I obviously had to wait forever. I think I waited around 2 hours or something crazy. Even still, it was worth the wait and not just because I was anticipating it so much.
My friends and I were in Gwangju over the weekend and were starving. Although there are some pretty famous places to eat in Gwangju, one friend couldn't wait that long and the other place we wanted to eat had moved and no one we asked knew where it had moved.

So, we stopped in here. My friends had never had Nippong Naeppong before and they have also never had jjamppong/jjambbong before, so this was an all-around new experience for them.

We were also drawn in by the set menu price. We were kind of on a budget, but still wanted decent food and a good, relaxing experience.

We didn't have to wait because it was pretty early still (around 5:30 or so), but there were already diners in the restaurant. When we left, there was definitely a queue.

So, we ordered the "ade set" menu. There's another set menu that includes a soft drink beverage choice, but the ade looked far more refreshing and the chain is known for its ade.

With the ade set, you can choose 2 뽕 - or the noodle soups, one pizza, and one ade for 27,900KRW. This is easily enough food for three, what we did.

We went with the Thailand Pong, the China Pong, and the Nae Pizza for our entrees and the Grapefruit Ade for our beverage choice. I'll explain the menu in more detail later.

Since it was me and two foreigners, the waitstaff wouldn't let us get the level 2 spicy for the China Pong, so annoying, so we were forced to get level 1. It was not spicy at all.
If you go to a location in Seoul, there is no issue with ordering the spice level you want...I blame it on being outside Seoul.

The pizza is served with whipped cream. It's a very Korean concept, in my opinion, but it somehow works. You mix the slightly salty flavor of the garlic pizza and the sweet flavor of the whipped cream and it is just a very pleasant taste. Try a little at first and see if the combination is for you.

Menu: * denotes additional cost for set menu

As you can see, some of the pizzas and pong have an additional fee, so keep that in mind.

*Italia Pong: 7500KRW; This is a milk and cream sauce base. 
China Pong: 6500KRW; This is "spicy" and Chinese-style. There are three levels of spice strength you can select from and the broth is a tea-based broth.
*Spain Pong: 7000KRW; This is a fresh, but spicy tomato-based broth
Japan Pong: 6500KRW; This is a mellow, but cool, clear broth.

Thailand Pong: 6500KRW; This is a sweet and spicy, fried noodles. No soup.
*Alaska Pong: 8000KRW; Seasonal menu - cold pong; refreshing flavor
*Ro Pong: 8900KRW; simple flavor with a combination of tomato and cream sauces

Nae Pizza: 9900KRW; garlic pizza (served with cream)
Ni Pizza: 9000KRW; Korean sweet potato goguma pizza
* Ninae Pizza: 12900 KRW; savory cheese and fresh vegetables pizza

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