[Seoul - Sillim] Alchon - Cheap, delicious rice bowls

So, I'm back living in a student area again. Which means, I have quick access to cheap eats like Alchon!

I know it's a chain, but it's pretty convenient, quick, and the food is of consistent quality and flavor.
I first started going to Alchon in Edae out of sheer convenience and price, but I kept going back because of the flavor and food quality.

Take-out is available, too! If you eat in, the restaurants are usually pretty clean, which is definitely a plus for this price point!

The menu is pretty small and all are various variations of rice bowls. They serve albap, which is rice bowls with roe on the top. Alchon is known for its spicy albap and various other items.

I ordered the garlic squid rice (갈릭오밥 4.5) and my friend ordered the spicy cheese albap (매콤치즈알밥 4.0).

At first she was a little disappointed that it wasn't very spicy, but then halfway through the bowl she finally found that the food was spicy.

I really liked mine, too, but I usually get the semi-spicy albap and I think I prefer that one over the squid one. There were not very many pieces of squid in my bowl. But, if you like garlic, I definitely recommend trying it or any of the other garlic options.

Hot soup broth is available and is self-serve. You can also get the sides self-serve, too. There are containers at each table and you just serve what you can eat. There are radish kimchi, fish cakes, and the yellow pickled radish, too.

Basic Menu: These items increase in spiciness.
순한알밥: 3.5 - Sweet (soon han al bap)
약매알밥: 3.5 - Little spicy (yak mae al bap)
매콤알밥: 3.5 - Spicy (mae kom al bap)
진매알밥: 4.0 - Very spicy (jin mae al bap)

Cheese Menu:
매콤치즈알밥: 4.0 - Spicy cheese albap (mae kom cheese al bap)
치즈오밥: 4.5 - Cheese squid rice (cheese oh bap)

Special Menu:
카레알밥: 4.0 - curry albap
짜장알밥: 4.0 - jja jang albap
오밥: 4.0 - Squid rice (oh bap)

Garlic Menu:
갈릭알밥: 4.0 - garlic albap
갈릭치즈알밥: 4.5 - garlic cheese albap
갈릭오밥: 4.5 - garlic squid rice (garlic oh bap)

Locations: All around Korea. Just look for that logo.

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